How the Giants plan to navigate Carlos Rodon’s frenzy while the reunion looks bleak

How the Giants plan to navigate Carlos Rodon’s frenzy while the reunion looks bleak

Hopes for a Giants reunion with Rodon look bleak as interest first surfaced on NBC Sports Bayara

Las Vegas – Surrounded by dozens of reporters and multiple cameras, Scott Borras was working on a two-part question when a reporter interrupted him during a short layover. Boras indicated that he was not done yet, that he still had to talk about the second player involved in the question, and the agent quickly showed why he was keen to finish his talk.

Boras was in his bag Wednesday at MLB general manager meetings, pulling out puns and smart references to all of his free agents. The second part of this question is about Carlos Rodon, and Boras came prepared.

“Last year, the thinking team picked Rodon,” Boras said. “And this year, Rodon sculpted another masterpiece, and I think in the market, his definition of museum-level art is now clearly understood by the teams, and he was seen as a true first-person shooter at a very young age, and frankly the only one of his kind on the market.”

You don’t need to be well versed in French carving to know that Borras will set a high standard for his most sought-after client in this off-season, and the Giants will face a lot of competition if they intend to bring him back.

If they don’t have a reunion – which is the general expectation around team sourcing – the Giants will at least recoup the draft pick compensation. A few hours after Boras spoke, the head of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi, said the Giants would make a qualifying offer to Rodon, who he would turn down in search of a nine-figure deal.

QO often affects the player market, but Rodon shouldn’t be too concerned. He’s one of three bowlers far ahead of the other freestylers in the class, and the other two come up with huge questions about injury history (Jacob Degrom) or age (Justin Verlander).

Rodon turns 30 next month and is coming off his best season in the league. Speaking generally about his market, Boras said “I suppose anyone who really wants to win would be interested in Carlos Rodon” and noted that aces are hard to find.

Boras also gave a hint of what he might say to the front desks behind closed doors, saying that Rodon’s past injuries actually worked to keep him fresh in his 30s as he returned to free agency after only throwing 847 career runs.

“He’s three out of four seasons ahead on the odometer,” Boras said.

The marketing show will work for someone, but the Giants haven’t handed over a bidding contract more than three years ago since Al-Zaidi took over, and their main focus this season is upgrading the squad and defending in the middle.

‘We think the primary method for us [improve] “It is to become more athletic and to improve our defense. Our defense was a real responsibility last year. Only from a baseball point of view, we are really focused on those areas,” Al-Zaidi said.

The off-season giants are in a better position than most when it comes to starting pitches. They currently have four starting players, although Anthony Disclavani and Alex Wood are both coming off end-of-season injuries. Jacob Jones will return as a tourist, and prospect Kyle Harrison is expected to be on hand to help out at some point next season.

This depth should allow the Giants to be opportunistic once again in free agency as Rodon chases his life-changing deal. Most of the big market teams – including the Mets and Cubs – need a high-profile throw, and the up-and-coming clubs – most notably the Rangers – can look to Rodon as the ace that gets them over the top.

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The Giants experienced this last season when they lost Kevin Gusman to Rodon, and Zeddy said he’ll be looking to go again to an Ace season alongside Logan Webb.

“It was clearly working for us, and one of the disappointments of not being in the qualifiers is that having these players at the front of the qualifiers, I think we could have made it so much fun,” Al-Zaidi said. “We just want to aim as high as possible at that place and just balance that with some of the needs of our top player.”

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