How To Get Your Internet Sorted in 3 Easy Steps

The internet is a communication network connecting computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. People use the internet to interact on social media, send and receive emails, watch programs, and buy products.

Although government researchers used an early version of the internet in the 1960s, protocols enabling computers to exchange messages were introduced on January 1, 1983, the internet’s official launch date. Since then, internet use has become widespread. Statista reports that as of 2019, Australia was home to 182 million devices connected to the internet. Those looking for internet service can follow the steps outlined here to secure internet service for their homes or businesses.

1. Identify your internet needs

Determine your needs before you start reviewing plan options. Some individuals use the internet for sending occasional emails and posting on social media but might spend several hours outside their homes each day and use their smartphones for most online activities. These individuals may prefer an affordable basic service plan.

Basic internet service may not suit your needs, however. Suppose you’re an avid video game player and you stream your gameplay on Twitch. Since the average gamer spends more than seven hours gaming per week, you may want a plan with unlimited data. Like gamers, people who use the internet to stream video content via Netflix and other streaming services will also want a plan with fast download speeds, ensuring they can download and upload content without delays.

You may also consider the time of day when you use the internet. Gamers using the internet during off-peak hours may be able to meet their gaming needs without paying for unlimited data.

You may also be shopping for the internet for your business. Businesses need a reliable internet service provider to ensure they can perform tasks efficiencies. Whether you’re shopping for a business or residential plan, the number of users accessing the internet will also affect your needs. For example, suppose you have two children who need to access the internet for remote learning during a pandemic lockdown. In that case, you’ll need enough bandwidth to enable both children to be online simultaneously.

2. Verify your options


Once you clearly understand your needs, you’re ready to learn about plan options. Accessing an internet plan comparison tool is an excellent way to identify internet plans you can consider.

The tool asks you to enter your address and choose the plan features you consider most important, such as price or speed. The plan asks for information about your household size, enabling you to identify the number of people using the internet service. You’ll also get a chance to indicate your usage levels. You can also bundle your internet service with entertainment or smartphone plans.

The tool prompts you to identify your current internet provider, verify if you own or rent your property, and indicate if you’re moving to a new property. The tool uses the requested information to compile a list of internet plan options suited to your needs and available at your location.

3. Select your provider and schedule your installation


Review the plan options identified by the tool to select your provider. You may work through the list and research the providers before choosing a plan. Although the price may be your primary consideration, you may discover that you’ll get a more reliable service by paying a little more for a different internet service provider.

Select the plan that fits your needs and review the contract terms. Some plans may offer a promotional period, enabling you to enjoy discounts on your plan price. Once you’ve found a suitable plan, you can contact the service provider and schedule your installation.

Getting the right internet plan starts with assessing your needs. Use an internet comparison tool to find suitable plan options and review each internet service provider. Once you choose a plan, you’re ready to schedule your installation.

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