How to Increase Your Indoor Cycling Routine With the Wahoo RGT App

How to Increase Your Indoor Cycling Routine With the Wahoo RGT App

The Wahoo (Road Grand Tours) RGT Virtual Bike app turns your smart coach into an interactive tool. A sister app to Wahoo SYSTM, Wahoo RGT differs from similar apps because of its popular cycling routes, real-time virtual races, and the Magic Roads option, which turns any road in the world into your virtual ride. Is this the best smart trainer bike app for you? Here’s an in-depth look at RGT’s many features.

Getting started with Wahoo RGT

To get started, download the RGT app and sign in with your Wahoo account (or set up a new one). A smart bike trainer works well with the app, although a classic trainer paired with a compatible power meter or speed and cadence sensor can also do the job, according to the Wahoo RGT’s compatibility page.

Once you have the app, go to File food menu Monitor. Faucet sensorsand then Pair your devices. If possible, you may want to play this app on a larger tablet, or use Chromecast to stream the app to your TV. It can be difficult to read some of the scales on the small smartphone screen when you are climbing a hill.

The Wahoo RGT Basic app is free to download and use. Additionally, a single Wahoo X subscription gives you access to both the Wahoo SYSTM app and premium Wahoo RGT content. These are separate apps that require individual downloads. While the SYSTM app includes realistic videos to bring your time to life on an indoor bike trainer, the RGT app is a virtual cycling app, similar to Zwift or Rouvy.

Download: Wahoo RGT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Popular cycling trails, including the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Colorado and Cap de Formentor in Mallorca, appear in the RGT app. To view these tracks from around the world, go to just ride screen and scroll through the options.

Wahoo RGT app just install the screen

Next, click on any of the options to learn more about that trip. In this case, the ride setup screen will tell you each route, including the amount of climbing involved. (The hills in this app get steep quickly, so you quickly learn to pay attention to elevation numbers.) Once everything is in order, start pedaling your way through a virtual view of this challenging bike route. Similar to other virtual riding apps, you can have an animated cycling avatar.

Riding the Wahoo RGT De Ronde app

Check your strength, cadence, and heart rate at the top left of the screen, as well as a list of your fellow riders. Meanwhile, your elapsed time, mileage per hour, and distance are all on the right side of the screen. It’s all the information you need to fine tune your efforts throughout the journey.

You can also make interesting changes to the scenery along each route, such as a train passing as you pedal along a very steep road. Social features are another big part of RGT. While riding, you can wave at other cyclists or chat with them. The voice chat feature allows you to talk to others during a group ride or race.

Join virtual races and group rides at RGT

Virtual races and real-time group rides add a social (and competitive) element to your RGT training. check the Events A screen to see current or upcoming flights. Then press Participation button to join. There are friendly, no-drop social tours like Chat Laps as well as more intense events.

As this clip from YouTuber SJNASaldanha shows, the races in RGT can be a bit intense and crowded, especially in the beginning. Real life skills like speed and positioning come into play as all of these avatars compete for first place. For the most part, these racing events are a great way to push yourself to pick up serious speed.

How to use the Magic Ways feature

The Magic Roads option, one of the most unique features of the RGT app, allows you to load a .GPX file for any track in the world and turn it into a virtual ride in the app. From food menuFaucet magical ways And search the list of preloaded tracks or create your own.

Wahoo RGT Magic Roads feature

To create your own file, you will need to email a .GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file to the RGT team. Use a site like Ride With GPS, which allows you to select the intended route and export a .GPX file. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email from RGT with your chosen path.

From the Magic Roads screen, click on the name of your new route on the right side of the screen. Click on Quick trip button, then go to events Monitor. Check out the Recorded Events section to see your ride and start pedaling.

This is an excellent option if you are training for a race in an unfamiliar location or are simply exploring cycling routes around the world. You can also create custom routes to share with your cycling friends on the app. The created paths are usually fairly accurate in terms of height and overall layout. Plus, you get to pick up a selection of the company’s cycling bots as you explore.

Is the Wahoo RGT App Right for You?

There are many excellent cycling applications for indoor trainers, so how does RGT stack up? When compared to other popular virtual cycling apps, the Wahoo RGT app stands out due to its dedication to creating a realistic riding experience.

Cyclists who want to feel like they’re training on roads around the world will appreciate the app’s attention to detail. If you are a cyclist and want to climb hills, compete against other riders, and generally challenge yourself on coach rides, this is a good option.

Wahoo RGT App Magic Roads Ride Simulator

At the same time, Zwift offers many similar features, including group rides, races, and workouts. Plus, it uses more fantasy video game landscapes for the virtual tours, meaning you can compress a volcano or go through an underwater tunnel. (However, the app includes simulated routes around London, New York, and other real-life areas as well.) For beginners or athletes who prefer a little whimsy with their workouts, Zwift may be a more welcome platform.

When you consider the RGT app paired with Wahoo SYSTM, it’s an incredible amount of content for a single subscription. Easily switch between realistic virtual rides on the RGT and trick-or-treating rides, encouraging Sufferfest videos on SYSTM. It’s definitely worth a few test rides to see if this app works for your indoor cycling needs.

Go anywhere in the world with the Wahoo RGT app

Explore popular cycling routes in Italy, England, France and more from the comfort of your own pain cave with the Wahoo RGT app. With group rides, challenging races, and plenty of virtual tracks to go off, it’s a useful way to get the most out of your indoor practice rides.

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