I can’t wait to relive F1’s chaotic driver helmet cam in F1 22 VR

One of the best additions to recent seasons of Formula One and the global coverage of the sporting event has been the new helmet cam. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking out Fernando Alonso’s lap around Spa from last season, or Charles Leclerc’s onboard from his Bahrain Gran Prix tussle with Max Verstappen. There’s no greater example I’ve seen of what an F1 driver is capable of doing watching than the chaotic high-speed onboard ripped right from a camera on the driver’s helmet.

The constant wing mirror checks, the glair from the sun on your visor, and the wheel interface shining in your face—that’s the F1 driver experience, and so far I’ve actually never experienced it despite spending a lot of time hitting lap times in -game. I’ve tended to focus on which racing wheel is best for immersion and feedback, and I’ve been missing so much of what it actually feels like to throw a car around a track at hundreds of kilometers per hour, come rain or shine.

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