I’m a celebrity who has a boy George problem

I’m a celebrity who has a boy George problem

I’m a celebrity Fans aren’t too happy with Boy George in the new series, especially when it comes to the recent interactions he’s had with fellow cast member Charlene White.

Long story short, the tension between the pair arose on Tuesday’s episode (dated November 8) after boy George claimed that Charlene was “in control” when it came to preparing food.

In fact, he was so annoyed that he refused to help clean up after eating, and later, things got heated up when boy George warned of a possible “rebellion” in the camp due to Charlene trying to “be the boss”.

After the episode aired, many viewers described boy George’s behavior as misogynistic (over hereAnd the over hereAnd the over hereAnd also over here). After just a few episodes, it’s easy to see why these claims were made. But that’s not the only reason Boy George got involved I’m a celebrity It was problematic.

For those who don’t remember, in 2007 George and another man attacked Odon Carlsen in a London apartment, handcuffing him to a wall and hitting him with metal chains. In the end, Odon escaped in his shorts, sneakers, and a pair of handcuffs.

George’s defense was that long-term drug use led to a psychotic break. He denied punching Udon or using a chain to hurt him, and the other man has not been identified.

During the trial, Judge David Radford told boy George that he had acted “with unwarranted violence”, adding: “While I accept that Mr Carlsen’s bodily injuries were not serious or permanent, there can be no doubt that the handcuffing and premeditated, cruel and humiliating detention of Mr. Carlsen shocked, insulted and shocked him.”

In January 2009, George was sentenced to 15 months in prison for assault and false imprisonment, but only served four months of his term before being released. For the remainder of his sentence, George was required to wear an ankle monitor and to undergo a curfew.

A day before the new series went live, Carlsen spoke to a few publications including woman, Explaining that George’s assault is still chasing him until now:

“I still see the monster every time I see him. It hurts that ITV gave him that platform. If I were a woman and he did what he did, he would never have gotten the stage.”

“It hurts that big organizations like ITV give him that platform,” he continued. “I think giving it that kind of platform and a standard fee is sending the wrong message to survivors of violence and abuse and that’s clearly wrong.”

This isn’t the first time Boy George has experienced this kind of response in light of assault.


On December 23, 2009, while George was still on a licensed release from prison, he requested to appear in Celebrity Big Brother It was rejected by the monitoring service.

Mr. Justice Ben George refused for the following reasons (via Watchman):

“I consider that well-minded members of the public are of the opinion that an offender serving the non-custodial portion of a prison sentence should not be allowed to participate in high-profile and controversial television productions, promoting his celebrity status and making significant financial gain.”

So what has changed, apart from the fact that George has finished his sentence?

udon says woman That he was diagnosed with PTSD on his decade-long journey with treatment: “Every time I see it, I feel it all over again. I have a permanent back injury. I have a herniated disc two or three times a year. I’ve never used dating sites since then I can’t meet anyone because I’m so worried. I doubt people because I don’t know what their intentions are. “

However, George continues to have a huge public platform on I’m a celebrity And also UK drag racingdespite what he did to Carlsen.

It’s not just a platform given to him either. Reports indicate that Boy George may also be the highest-paid star in celebrity With a rumored fee of £500,000.

True or not, choosing Boy George in the first place was an irresponsible snatch regardless of the title.

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Forgiving someone for their actions is one thing, giving them primetime time at one of the UK’s biggest shows is another. As Carlsen said, doing so “sends the wrong message to survivors of violence and abuse,” noting that it’s okay to celebrate and reward abusers.

Ahead of the new season, ITV source (via woman) defended the channel’s decision to choose Boy George, saying, “This is a historic conviction, spent by George and having appeared on major television networks globally on numerous occasions since the past decade.”

Those shows described by an ITV source include a stint at the BBC the soundas well as a high-profile appearance on Piers Morgan life stories In 2017, where George addressed the assault:

“I sent myself to prison. I told the police why I did what I did. I was having a psychotic episode. I was a drug addict so I can’t say my reasons for doing it were in any way established. But I told the truth. I always denied hitting the man” .

But there are two problems with this defense. 1) Just because other networks cast George on shows doesn’t mean you should, and 2) George’s role is here I’m a celebrity It is much more prominent than most of these other manifestations.

At this point, fans of Boy George might be teasing the fact that George made a public apology in 2017, but Audon says in his aforementioned interview that he didn’t find it real. Crucially, he says he has yet to receive a personal apology from the former pop star: “I can always forgive, but it has to come from an honest place.”

This is really essential. If Boy George issued a sincere personal apology, it might be easier to forgive him for trying to restore his public image by joining high-profile shows like I’m a celebrity.

But if the man who was convicted of assault is still waiting for a personal apology after all this time, it leaves you wondering how worried George was about the effect his past actions had on O’Don.

I'm a celebrity sowing tension between boy George and Tarlin


This is also evident in a statement issued by George’s spokesperson about his selection:

“George willingly went to prison for four months after publicly admitting to false imprisonment during a psychotic break 15 years ago while in the midst of a well-documented drug problem. Not only has he been a pillar of society ever since, but he has also remained vigil. To this day This. He publicly apologized for Piers Morgan’s life stories and we are very proud of him for his rehabilitation.”

“Everyone has a right to a second chance and George has certainly won it,” the statement adds.

In the end, regardless of ITV’s controversial decision, the idea of ​​”second chances” and whether George really deserved it comes back to the public.

I’m famous Broadcasts at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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