Innovative AI platform increases efficiency at Tampa General Hospital

To enhance the delivery of care, Enroute simplifies the process of moving patients from one location to another within the hospital in the least amount of time possible.

Tampa, Florida.And the August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Using artificial intelligence, Tampa General Hospital (TGH) is simplifying patient mobility within the hospital by improving the efficiency of its patient transportation department. In collaboration with a US company called Enroute, Tampa General is accelerating patient admissions, transfers, and discharges, enhancing the healthcare experience while improving efficiency.

One of the challenges for any hospital is the operational flow, as hundreds of people have to be in the right place at the right time. Even a straightforward operation such as moving a patient from point A to point B ─ from the room bed to the operating table, for example, can make a difference in improving the quality of care.

Previously, patient transfers were manually directed and assigned by the dispatcher who scheduled all tours around the hospital. For example, if a patient needs to be transported from their hospital room to surgery, the dispatcher will assign the carrier via an alert message on a secure device issued by the hospital.

“With Enroute, we can see the availability of transportation, their location, and whether they have a wheelchair or stretcher with them in real time,” he said. Donna TopSenior Director of Support Services at the Academic Medical Center. “The system can then automatically assign the nearest carrier with the appropriate equipment to transport that patient. It is critical to our world-class care that the patient transport department is more efficient in moving patients to the services they need to recover.”

Using existing hospital data, Enroute’s SaaS-based solution can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and help team members move patients as efficiently as possible. All information is transmitted through the Tampa General’s secure electronic medical record to a designated public Tampa device carried by the carrier. Saas (Software as a Service) is an innovative way to deliver online applications as a service, rather than installing and maintaining software.

“At Enroute, we make in-hospital transportation as easy and seamless as using your phone to greet and track your flight,” Mike KusnickCo-founder and CEO of Enroute. “Transportation and support services are the backbone of any high-level hospital and health system, and our mission as we grow is to provide employees in these departments with the advanced tools needed to thrive in their roles and ultimately provide patients with the highest standards of care.”

Tampa General, including Dispatchers, has partnered with Enroute to develop and improve an AI platform that meets the needs of the 1,041-bed hospital and others. As an added feature, the platform helps collect, organize, and report information, which enhances response times. The automated system also provides data to measure employee efficiency and productivity. With this patient flow technology tool, Tampa General can achieve a number of goals:

  • Avoid conflicts when scheduling patient flights
  • Coordination of multiple trips to reduce patient transfers
  • Speed ​​up unloading notification
  • Reduce waiting time and improve patient satisfaction
  • increased bed use
  • Move equipment, materials, linens, samples and other items more efficiently

The system has already proven its worth. Although the platform is still in its initial beta period, some Tampa public departments have seen decreases in patient transfer times of up to 35% on average compared to the previous two months. “Enroute allows us to better meet our growing patient numbers and increase service capacity by improving our ability to move patients across the hospital,” Taub added.

Participation is part of TGH Innoventures, the hospital’s innovation hub and venture capital fund, dedicated to promoting innovation at Tampa General by partnering with and investing in early-stage startups. “Through our Co-Lab program, Tampa General collaborates and develops programs with early-stage healthcare companies to solve problems in Tampa General that have broader applicability to other systems in the industry. As part of the program, Enroute has worked closely with our transportation The innovation team to improve the design of the AI ​​platform to advance the transportation process, while maintaining standards of excellence in patient care, said: Rachel Feynman, vice president of innovation at Tampa General and managing director of TGH Innoventures. “Supporting this kind of important innovation is exactly why TGH Innoventures was created,” said Veneman.

While Enroute had early success after being deployed to a high-profile Israeli hospital early in the pandemic, Tampa General is Enroute’s primary customer in the United States. The Academic Medical Center has partnered with Enroute to integrate with its electronic medical record (EMR) and improve their solution for the United States. Market. Successful integration and deployment helped demonstrate Enroute’s appeal to the US hospital sector and its ability to make an impact.

Officially launched in the first quarter of 2021, TGH Innoventures provides a coordinated mechanism for Tampa General Hospital to develop innovative solutions to improve quality and access to care. It also provides Tampa General with a platform to invest resources and funds in start-up companies and venture capital funds that invest in healthcare focused companies.

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