ITRI ​​hosts a 2022 international workshop on trustworthy AI to discuss trust and ethics in AI

HsinchuAnd the August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – With the support of the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under the direction of the Minister of Economic Affairs, ITRI held the 2022 International Workshop on Trusted Online Artificial Intelligence in August 2. More than 400 experts gathered for the first ever conference in Taiwan In this thread to discuss topics such as AI risk management and trustworthy AI systems.

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence attended the 2022 International Workshop on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence hosted by the ITRI Institute online.

Minister Without Portfolio Audrey Tang hailed the symposium as a good start in promoting the standardization of trustworthy AI and in accelerating the development of digital technology in Taiwan. She noted that AI can be understood as assistive intelligence, and not something that completely replaces humans. “It’s like the complementary relationship between an AI robot and humans in the Japanese manga doraemonShe said. Taiwan An important partner in the global supply chain, Tang noted, adding that in the field of ICT, it has formed a strong ecosystem with the US supply chain. Creating a reliable framework for artificial intelligence, with its introduction into products and exports to the world, will create a new peak for Taiwan industry, while helping Taiwan Get closer to its vision for Smart Taiwan 2030, which emphasizes innovation, inclusion and sustainability.

General Director of the Islamic Development Bank Jang Hua Liu Emphasize the importance of managing or supervising AI risks. Taiwan It intends to collaborate with national laboratories such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States and Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais (LNE) in France. This will link relevant technical specifications or standards via TaiwanThe United States and the European Union. It will also help Taiwan AI products meet common standards and requirements on a global basis, enabling Taiwan To become an internationally trusted partner for artificial intelligence.

Pei-Zen Chang, executive vice president of the International Information Technology Research Institute, noted that the popularization of AI applications has sparked discussions around ethical issues, including data bias, privacy protection, security, system transparency, and interpretability. For example, Portable Edge AI-DR, a technology for which ITRI won an Edison Award this year, uses artificial intelligence analysis to determine disease location and severity in just three seconds, helping clinicians reach a rapid diagnosis. If this data can be presented to different hospitals and shared among themselves while protecting patient privacy and ensuring security, this kind of federal learning will push AI medical care into Taiwan In a new world.

Also called to the workshop was Elham Tabasi, Chief of Staff of the Information Technology Lab at NIST, who has been involved in NIST’s AI risk management tools that can make AI inference as fair as possible based on trustworthy AI models. while, Janet M WingExecutive Vice President of Research at Columbia UniversityHe believes that the credibility of AI systems can be increased thanks to the expansion of trusted computing architecture.

Others who attended the event included Andrew Shekiar, CEO and Director of Marketing at FIDO Alliance; Founder of Artificial Intelligence Labs in Taiwan Ethan; Jin Young Jin HsuProfessor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University; CEO of Hon Hai Research Institute Wei Bin Li; Egis Technology Inc. chief engineer Shang-Wei Chou; Zheng Yu LinCEO of the National Measurement Laboratory and Director General of the Measurement Standards Center at the Institute of Information and Communication Technology; Kai Long HwaDeputy Director General of Information and Communication Research Laboratories. These experts exchanged trends and development experiences in the field of trustworthy AI and held discussions on a technology roadmap for Taiwan.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is one of the world’s leading technology research and development institutions that aim to create a better future for society. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in the transformation Taiwan Industries from labor-intensive to innovation-driven. To meet market needs and global trends, it launched the Technology Strategy and Roadmap for 2030 and focuses on developing innovation in smart living, good health and sustainable environment. It also strives to enhance intelligence-enabled technology to support diverse applications.

Over the years, ITRI has been dedicated to incubating startups and spin-off companies, including well-known names such as UMC and TSMC. In addition to its headquarters in TaiwanITRI ​​has branch offices in the United States, EuropeAnd the Japan In an effort to expand research and development and strengthen international cooperation around the world. For more information, please visit

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