J. Paul Books Vs MMA Great Silva . Boxing Match

J. Paul Books Vs MMA Great Silva . Boxing Match

Jake Paul has found his next opponent – a martial arts star.

The YouTuber-turned-award will meet former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a boxing bout on Oct. 29 in Phoenix, Paul Most Valuable Promotions announced Tuesday. The match will be contested for 187 pounds over eight rounds of three minutes each. Silva, 47, is one of the greatest champions in UFC history and holds the record for most consecutive wins ever in a promotion (16).

“The plan for me is to fight at 185 [pounds] “Going forward and that’s what I wanted in this fight given the weight that Anderson Silva fought during his reign as the most dominant UFC champion ever,” Paul told ESPN. Anderson’s team asked if we could set the weight at 187 pounds more than I wanted. This level of professionalism and accuracy is appreciated, and of course I agreed to his request.”

Paul was supposed to fight Tommy Fury last month at Madison Square Garden in New York, but Fury pulled out due to what he said were travel problems coming to the US from England. Fury’s replacement was Hasim Rahman Jr. , the son of the former heavyweight boxing champion, but that match was canceled due to weight complications with Rahman.

This will be Paul’s fourth fight against a former UFC fighter. Previously, he knocked out Paul Ben-Askren and went 2-0 against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, the last match he won by knockout was in December. Paul has not fought since.

Silva, even though he’s way past his tenure, has a better resume than both Woodley and Askren in MMA and boxing. He was the world’s best long-distance MMA fighter during his long reign from 2006 to 2013 and one of the most creative knockout artists of all time in the sport.

In boxing, Silva did 3-1 as a professional, and his best win came over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. last year. Silva fought Bruno Machado in an exhibition boxing match in May and looked strong there. He also knocked out former UFC heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz in boxing.

“I know that everything has a purpose in life,” Silva said in a statement. “Nothing comes by accident. So, I thank God for my health, my family and my team for giving me this opportunity to continue doing the thing I love most. I think this will be the biggest fighting event of the year and we will truly make history in this sport forever. See you October 29th. “.

Notable figures in combat sports, including UFC president Dana White, criticized Paul’s opponents, and White suggested he fight Paul Silva, which would be more of a “real fight”.

“Anderson Silva (the spider) is the most versatile fighter the world has ever seen,” Ball said in a statement. “Just a year ago he beat boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and showed the world why he is often referred to as the greatest fighter of all time. Every expert, from MMA to boxing, said Jacques Paul would not fight Anderson Silva. They said Jake Paul is afraid From Anderson Silva, and that Jake Paul is going to lose to Anderson Silva. Well, to all of the non-believers – Jake Paul fighting Anderson Silva. It’s such an honor to have the opportunity to share the ring with the greatest striker in the UFC of all time. On Saturday, October 29, I’ll walk Humbly in the ring, touching the gloves with a living legend and I will do my best to eliminate the “spider”.

“Jake Paul continues to take on challenges that other professional fighters have not faced with his level of experience and popularity,” MVP co-founder Nakiza Bidarian said in a statement. “Jake values ​​the platform he has and always aims to provide fans with a compelling product that motivates engagement. Anderson Silva is unequivocally the most exciting striker in UFC history. These abilities have translated into his boxing career, and he certainly has the potential to end Jake’s streak that never Defeats in. It’s an honor for Best Promotions to have one of the most important martial arts goat games at the helm of our event. It’s truly a Hall of Famer in our books.”

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