Jake Paul boxing rumors and news: Updates on potential opponent Andrew Tate

Jake Paul boxing rumors and news: Updates on potential opponent Andrew Tate

While continuing his boxing career, YouTuber Jake Paul has received fight offers from several people. Some are athletes, others are social media stars.

Paul recently battled mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva, defeating him by unanimous decision. Problem Baby has become a hot commodity. It’s up in the air, whether he’ll accept some fights, but that doesn’t mean he won’t bother boxing fans.

That’s what he did when he posted a video of himself and the controversial Andrew Tate. The video stated that the two began “negotiations” for a fight on the road.

Sporting News will provide and update a comprehensive timeline of Paul and those who wish to face him inside the boxing ring.

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Will Jake Paul fight Andrew Tate?

“Negotiations have begun between the two parties, it’s a fight that fans have been demanding and it’s an event the world will remember,” a Tate spokesperson told Mirror Fighting after the above video was posted.

Tate is a former kickboxer who also competed in MMA. Known as the “king of toxic masculinity,” Big Brother has been banned from several social media platforms due to what he mentioned in his podcast regarding women, among other controversial topics.

Paul initially showed support for Tate after he was banned. There were rumors of a fight between Tate and Jake Logan’s brother, who summoned Tate for his opinions.

“I don’t think he’s getting into the ring with either of us,” Jake said during an episode of Logan’s “ImPaulsive” podcast, via The New York Post. “It’s too risky for him. He’s an ‘alpha male’, isn’t he? That’s all for him. And when he loses – he’s going to lose to any of us fighting – all Shetek and all the women will be like, ‘Yes!’ And all Shetek goes out the window.”

Tate has also been called by KSI. Nothing is official yet, as there is no exact date or place for a potential clash.

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Will Jake Paul fight Tommy Fury?

Fighting years in the making, Jack Paul and Tommy Fury have had a whirlwind of rivalry. Paul and Fury were supposed to fight twice over the past year. Fury withdrew from a fight with Paul in December 2021 due to a rib injury. Tyron Woodley ended up taking his place, as Paul toppled the former UFC champ.

Then the two were scheduled to quarrel with each other in August. Visa issues forced Fury to cancel the match again. He was denied entry to the United States. The problem was with the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Agency) documents.

Since then, Paul has called Tommy’s half-brother and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. John Fury, Tommy’s father, told Mirror Fighting that he spoke with Team Bull not long ago about bringing the fight with Tommy back to the table. The match is likely to be in the UK, as John is also not allowed into the US

Love Island star Tommy last fought back in April, defeating Daniel Pocianski on points. Tommy Paul Bamba will fight on November 13th on the Floyd Mayweather Digi card. Paul will be attending the event in Dubai to keep a close eye on the Tommy match.

Will Jake Paul fight KSI?

Paul and KSI have been fighting a war of words since 2018. Jake’s brother, Logan, ended up fighting KSI in a boxing ring twice. Since those fits, Jake and KSI have been teasing each other. Now, the clash of YouTubers seems closer than ever.

In August, KSI submitted a challenge to Paul to fight at Wembley Stadium in London next year. The discount wallet will be at stake.

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“I will send you a contract,” KSI said. “We fight next year. Wembley Stadium. The winner of the fight takes it all. One hundred percent of your bag will be on the line. Put your money where it is, and let’s finish this thing off at last. Will you accept?”

Paul agreed to fight and then made another bet: the loser must admit that the winner is the better boxer. KSI and Paul will be at the Mayweather-Deji event. Deji is KSI’s brother, while Paul beat Deji in a boxing fight years ago. There’s a chance KSI and Paul will clash before anything becomes official.

KSI is said to be returning to the ring in January. If he wins against who his opponent might be, we could be on a collision course in the ultimate boxing fight on YouTube.

Will Jake Paul fight Nate Diaz?

Diaz terminated his UFC contract by defeating Tony Ferguson at UFC 279. While his future is unknown beyond the UFC, Stockton, California, will not say no to a boxing match.

Diaz was in a Paul Silva fight to encourage teammate Chris Avila, who beat Doctor Mike. He didn’t seem to dismiss a potential fight with Paul when he spoke with iD Boxing.

“(Paul) is definitely one of the options,” Diaz said before the Paul Silva match, via MMA Fighting. He’s doing big things. He’s doing big things. He has a big fight ahead of him. If he wins that, I’m sure people will really be impressed with it. And if Anderson does his work on him, that’s impressive too. Now we have a fight on his hands. I’m looking forward to it (Paul vs. Silva) 50-50. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

Paul has said in the past that he’s had beef with Diaz. That became even more apparent when Team Diaz and Team Paul engaged in a backstage skirmish on fight night.

With Diaz now considered a free agent, is this a good time to start a fight with Paul?

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