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In grade 7, I made my own dirty magazine. I photocopied pages out of Playboy, stapled them together and repackaged it as Ahooga Magazine – which I wrote in bubble writing on the front cover. I then sold them at school to anyone who knew where to find me (behind the portables at recess). Arnie, who ran the milk bar on my street, pretended I wasn’t 13 when I bought the Playboys, and I pretended that the photocopying I was doing on Dad’s Canon copier was for a science project.

For a while business was good; unless my classmates had their own Arnie or knew where their parents kept the naughty VHS tapes, there wasn’t a whole lot of places they could go to see images of boobies. But soon everything changed. By grade 8, demand for my magazine plummeted. The internet had arrived. My classmates had discovered and my plan to become Australia’s Larry Flynt was in tatters.

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So, as you can imagine, I have mixed feelings about the internet. On the one hand, I can see that it is probably the greatest technological advance of our time, but on the other, it ruined my publishing business. Of course, in addition to nudes, there is no better place to find funny content. So, begrudgingly, here are my 10 favorite funny vids on the web.

1. Jiskefet – English Sports parody

I love this. I freakin’ love it. It’s a sketch from a TV show in the Netherlands. I have no idea how I came across it but I probably watch it once a week. Excuse me while I comedy-nerd out here for a second, but it’s such a good example of parody. It works because it nails what it is making fun of, and it perfectly captures the musicality and rhythm of it. I’m also a huge fan of using gibberish in comedy. (Spoiler: I do it way too often.)

2. Fred Willard in A Mighty Wind

I could watch Christopher Guest films on repeat all day. Fred Willard is hilarious and I love this clip of him.

3. Aiden Willcox: The soup song

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One of my favorite comedy specials is Adam Sandler’s Netflix special 100% Fresh. This song by Aiden Willcox, a new Melbourne comic, feels like it could easily have been something the Sandman wrote. It’s delightful, catchy, surprising and silly – everything I love about musical comedy.

4. Don Rickles

Watching Don Rickles is an absolute thrill. It’s entirely unscripted, it’s dangerous, it’s hilarious. I just love watching him work, feel out the room, find his rhythm and then put his foot on the ignition. It’s so exciting. Get ready to fall into a Don Rickles YouTube hole after this – they’re all amazing.

5. The ‘apparently’ kid

There are so many hilarious videos of kids being unscripted on the internet. I can’t include them all, and it was a tough choice between this guy and the “have you ever had a dream” kid (Google it).

6. Nippers: the bush slam poetry scene

Hopefully you are already familiar with Sam Campbell. If not, please stop reading and go and Google – you’re welcome. While he doesn’t feature in this video, this is a scene from a web series he co-created. Basically, it’s a gathering of nippers in the bush for a slam poetry song. Make sense?

7. Play her off, Keyboard Cat

OK this is a bit of a throwback – sorry Gen Z, but it’s important to learn where you came from. Did you know that before the “ahhh TikTok” girl hurt her back and went viral, there was a Keyboard Cat on YouTube that used to play people off when they made a blunder? This is also particularly satisfying, because the woman who hurts herself gets a little cocky moments before she tumbles.

8. Jamie Demetriou: Andy

I love Jamie. I’ve had the privilege of gigging with him in London and every time I see him perform I’m just lost for words. This character Andy is a timeless character comedy, but also feels incredibly new and fresh. It’s just amazing.

9. Thomas Gray: stag do

Thomas is so funny and this video is beautiful. It works because we all see ourselves in the character. We all want to be liked, feel good enough and belong. This is so funny and touching – I love it.

10. Mr Bean at the Olympics

Look, we have Nikki Webster, they have Rowan Atkinson. I love the decision to do this at the opening ceremony. It is the type of programming risk that Australia would never have the balls to take because we are desperate to be taken seriously. It’s the UK, they’re desperate to be the butt of the joke. It’s so stupid. It’s so good. He is so good. Did I mention I love comedy?

  • Josh Glanc is a multi-award-winning comedian and actor. You can follow him on Instagram. His show Vrooom Vrooom is on at the Factory Theater on 30 April and 1 May as part of the Sydney comedy festival.

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