Kate Majros is back as Hope College women’s basketball ends season defending title

Kate Majros is back as Hope College women’s basketball ends season defending title

HOLLAND – After a three-year march to a national championship, the Hope College women’s basketball team felt a mixture of joy and relief.

Now that this lull is over, the team is gearing up for another special season.

That was the main reason senior Keith Majros decided to return for a fifth year.

“What it came down to was another year with my best friends. There’s something special about Hope College and it was a no-brainer for me to be there for another year,” Majerus said. “I was overwhelmed by the moment at our retreat and had the opportunity to do it again in a year.

“(Winning the title) is one of those experiences you don’t want to miss. There were a lot of experiences and great memories. But now we’re ready to move on and hopefully we’ll get another chance to do it.”

It’s been a challenge for Hope coach Brian Morehouse to help the team get back on the plate.

Hope's Keith Majros takes a three late in the first quarter against Trine Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022, at DeVos Fieldhouse.

“It’s tough. I learned a lot from 2006 (NCAA title) and 2010 (NCAA runner-up). I’m more prepared for the year after then,” Morehouse said. “It’s helpful. The important thing is that instead of using the word ‘defense’, which is a different mindset than looking for another title. ‘Defense’ creates a defensive mentality that tries to keep everyone out. Our goal is to “It’s about being the best. This team can be and reach its potential this year. If it’s the Final Four or the Champions League, we’ve got to deal with it. We don’t want worrying about the defense to hinder this team’s progress.”

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