Klingberg: I’m excited to go to work

After signing a one-year contract with Anaheim, defender John Klingberg He met with the media on Monday morning to explain what drove him to join the Ducks, his thoughts on changing teams for the first time in his NHL career and how he could help guide some members of his new team.

When joining the ducks:
If you look at their team, they have some very interesting young players, and they made a move last year. with Zegras and troy terry And these guys, what they did last year is exciting for the future. I’m just excited to be able to come out there and try to help the team develop and improve next season.

If you look at the signatures in free agency as well with Ryan Strom And the Frank VatranoI think they’re a really good deal, too. If you look at the center back, there’s Drysdale – he’s young and looks like he could have a really bright future in the league. Cam Fowler And the Kevin Shattenkirk Veterans, in addition to Adam Henrik And Silverberg too, it’s a very exciting team to be a part of. I’m excited to get down there and go to work.

On changing teams for the first time in his NHL career:
Yes, it’s something I’ve been prepared for over a year now. So it’s probably going to be a little different, I’m not sure, but at the same time I’m really excited. It would be like a new chapter in my life and my family’s life coming down to California. So this will be exciting. I see myself as a very social person, so I will just try to come in there and be part of the group from day one and try to build from there.

When signing a one-year contract:
We’ve been looking for the long haul, that’s no secret. The market is what it is now. We had to switch tactics a bit and at the end of the day, I knew it would be a short term deal here in the future. There were a few teams where I think the number was fair and where the other teams were. I chose between two teams and for me the individual, with what I said [about] Where I think the Anaheim Ducks as a team, where the organization is and what they’re trying to build on in the future, I think is exciting to me. Start with one year and see where things go from there. This is kind of a thought process that I’ve been going through.

On the possibility of getting a long-term contract next summer:
I mean, that might be part of the plan but I wouldn’t look too far ahead. I obviously want to have a long haul at the end of the day. Now, I’m going to sign one year with Anaheim and we’ll have to take it from there. I can’t focus on what will be there in one year. I will need a good season and the team will need a good season as well. I think if the team succeeds, I will be successful.

On his possible role with Ducks:
I spoke to Pat [Verbeek] Which led to my decision and I think we had a good open and honest conversation. This is what you value as a player. You can not bear too [many] Words and promises. I understand that part of the job and Pat said that too. It will be up to myself to get in there and prove myself to the icy time and the role I am going to play. It is up to me to be ready to contribute to the success of the team.

For help guiding Jimmy Dressdale And the other young players on the team:
It’ll be just me, and if he feels like he has a few things he wants to manage, I’ll be open every day to do it. I think that’s just part of who I am as a person and as an individual. And it won’t just be him. I think he will be with a lot of guys, too. Like I said, it would just be me and see myself as a helpful person who could manage their opinions and thoughts. So I’m going to go out there and try to be myself.

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