Klingberg is still seeking a long-term contract after signing with Ducks

John Klingberg He said he’s still looking for a longer contract and knows he’s going to have to sort after the defensive man Signed for one year With the Anaheim Ducks on Friday.

“I mean it’s probably part of the plan, but I wouldn’t look very much forward,” Klingberg said on Monday. “I want to have a long stint at the end of the day. Right now I’m going to sign (for) one year at Anaheim and we’re going to have to take it from here. I can’t focus on what’s going to happen there in one year. It has to be this season.”

“Obviously I’m going to need a good season and the team will need a good season too. If the team is successful, I’ll be successful. I’ve spoken great with (Ducks general manager) Pat Verbeek as well, as we think he’ll be with the team in the future. We’ll take this year to start. Do it and see where we are.”

The financial terms of Klingberg’s contract, which will complete 30 August 14, were not disclosed. He had 47 points (six goals, 41 assists) in 74 regular season games with the Dallas Stars and once in seven Stanley Cup games last season. He had 374 points (71 goals, 303 assists) in 552 regular season games with the All-Stars, which he selected in the fifth round (No. 131) of the 2010 NHL Draft. Of those points, 148 came in a strength game (39.6 percent). ). The Ducks ranked 14th in the National Hockey League last season with a man advantage (21.9 percent) after finishing last in 2020-21 (8.9 percent).

“Where we were with our defense at the time, John is huge for us,” Anaheim coach Dallas Aikins said. “He’s a good player, he’s got a lot of experience in all aspects of the game. I think everyone quickly looked at his ability to run a solid game and a lot of teams are short on right defence, and he brings that in as well. We think we have a real strong individual, someone who will fit in. He does well with our group and helps us a lot on our back end.”

Klingberg has 35 points (seven goals, 28 assists) in 59 playoffs and helped Dallas advance to the 2020 Stanley Cup Final, losing to Tampa Bay Lightning in six games. The Stars lost to Calgary Flames in seven games in the first round of the Western Conference last season.

Anaheim (31-37-14) finished seventh in the Pacific League last season and missed the playoffs four seasons in a row. Kellenberg was arguably the best defender available when the free agency opened on July 13, but he remained in the market until he and the ducks reached an agreement on Friday.

He said he was confident he made the right decision.

“For me on an individual level, with what I said in terms of where I think the Ducks as a team, where the organization is and what they’re trying to build on in the future, I think it’s exciting for me to start with one year and see where the thing goes. [and] Go ahead from there, Klingberg said. “But that’s kind of a thought process I was going through, when we scaled back the number of teams, which would be one year. Going to a free agency, we were looking for the long term. That’s no secret. The market is what it is now, and we had to change tactics a little bit. At the end of the day, I knew it would be a short-term deal here, with a move into the future.”

“Obviously with the world of COVID and flat hood and all that, it’s a little different than it has been in years past. And the more impressions it has over these 2-3 weeks, I realize that in the long run and the fit, I was looking maybe not there this year, So we kind of narrowed it down to a short term contract.Some teams were interested in me and I was interested in them, but at the end of the day I narrowed it down and I think the Anaheim Ducks [are] It will be the best fit for me this year.”

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