Legendary Mission: Jesse Ennis and Ashley Birch detail new Season 3 challenges

Legendary Mission: Jesse Ennis and Ashley Birch detail new Season 3 challenges

Part of the magic of workplace comedy on Apple TV + Legendary Quest It’s her crew of quirky characters. Game tester turned Berkeley freshman, Rachel (Ashley Burke), rethinks her decision to walk away from a video game development company and finds herself in some morally challenging situations. Attracted to power, Intense Jo (Jessie Ennis) switches from David to Ian to Brad and back to David. Now, she forges new relationships with less powerful members of the Mythic Quest family and learns to find a softer side to herself. As part of a dynamic cast of characters, Rachel and Jo are here to make a fun mess of Season 3.

Before the premiere of the movie Legendary Quest On Apple TV+, Ashley Burch and Jesse Ennis talk with CBR about their weird personalities. The pair have gone through the changes that the new season will bring to both the characters and the actors as they take on new roles and forge new relationships.

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CBR: Jesse, I’d like to start with you and just ask what particular energy I think Joe brings with it. I wonder if you can talk about what it’s like to find that energy in the group.

Jesse Ennis: yes. So it’s a three-part Red Bull, and then there’s this musical artist, which I always get a feel for — do people say the term musical artist? Her name is Ashneko and she sings. He’s, like, very angry. I listened to it very loudly early in the morning, which kind of set the tone for me. Then yes, I have two modes. There’s a cute school girl who’s kinda cute, and I kind of talk like that. [uses a sweet voice] Then there is the full version Fury. I just tried to avoid anything in between. So it’s kind of just an on and off switch. More fun is less average.

Of course. Have you ever lost your voice due to being at one end of this spectrum?

Ennis: Honestly, I almost lost my voice in laughter in season two. I laughed a lot, and I remember everyone was like, “We have to move on because we’re going to lose your vote,” but it was the last thing in a day. So we were all like, “It’s okay. She can rest her voice in her sleep.”

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Legendary Quest S3 Joe

Ashley, can you talk a little bit about Rachel? She was headed to school at the end of last season, but we’re seeing a lot of her in MQ this season. How does Berkeley work with it?

Ashley Burch: It is not a reality. [laughs] Yes, Rachel goes to Berkeley and kind of realizes that she just doesn’t fit in because she’s not as smart as everyone else and she might have done a little bit of a mistake. So she’s kind of slapping about Mythic Quest, trying to steal food and figuring out what she’s going to do with her life. It opens up a path for her at some point in the season that I won’t spoil, but it’s kind of challenging for her, morally. Well, it’s kind of an exciting season for Rachel to reveal things about her that you probably wish you didn’t know.

Honestly, stealing free food as a student is very attached, I love it.

Porsche: Yes, absolutely.

Ashly, you could also step behind the camera as a director this season.

Porsche: I did!

I’m a big fan of Rocket jump: the showso I’ve seen your direction before, but I’m wondering if you can talk about what it’s like guiding this crew.

Porsche: it is very beautiful. I mean, it’s just a well-oiled machine. EPs have gathered us such a wonderful crew. Mike Berlucci, our ports, is incredibly talented and also the kindest person you will ever meet. So working with him and figuring out how we’re going to shoot things, it was just a lot of fun. The cast is amazing, working with them, and I was even more excited about it because I knew how talented everyone was. I just wanted to play at different levels for each person. It was really, really fun, and I felt really supported and really empowered to do a really good job, which I think, you know, you can expect maybe people are a little skeptical about one of the actors behind the camera, but three of us have done that this season, and the crew has been very supportive. And we just wanted to succeed. So it was a really great experience.

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It’s great to hear that. It’s great that so many actors were also able to take on these additional roles. I know you also write for the show as well, and I wrote this season’s episode as well.

Porsche: I did, yes.

So you wear a lot of hats for Legendary Quest this chapter.

Porsche: [laughs] Yes, I just stack them on top of each other.

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Legendary Quest S3 Brad Joe

Jesse, Joe is back in action with David, and she’s gone off with a number of different characters. I wonder if you could talk about some of the new relationships she’s made this season and what it’s like to find these different relationships with different characters

Ennis: Yeah, you know, we’ve really demonstrated that rage and chaos. This season, we’re really seeing a softer side of Joe. We see what it’s like when you’re more invested in helping a guy who doesn’t have a lot of strength. It is trying to reform in this sense. You know, I handled a cup of tea with the level of intensity that I once treated a 14-year-old girl, so to speak. It’s killing her, that’s what I’m saying. I completely forgot my train of thoughts. [laughs] What is the second part of this question?

It builds a set of new relationships.

Ennis: Oh yeah, new relationships! It’s so much fun to see what it’s like for Jo trying to bond with other women and what it’s like for Jo to deal with some rejection, like when she puts herself down somewhere, and assumes… There’s a wonderful moment in an episode where Bobby and Rachel realize they’ve bothered Joe, And they handle it with little children’s gloves. They are more loving towards her. I think it’s really nice to see these women find a relationship and some common ground even though we eventually know they’ll all be thrown to the side, and they’ll fight again. [laughs]. But it was really fun to explore what a happy day Joe would be like.

Mythic Quest returns to Apple TV+ with Season 3 on November 11.

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