Lucy Charles Barclay Compaq, CEO of USAT Moves in, Global Transgender Triathlon Policy Approved, and More

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Lucy Charles Barkley is planning her return to racing

After suffering a stress fracture of the thigh since March, triple world champion Lucy Charles Barkley is preparing to return to racing. In a series of social media posts this week, Charles, 28, said she is “finally a triple player again,” and that her “journey to full recovery is complete.” In an extended vlog, Charles Barkley detailed her return to running and the hard work she put into rehab and correcting her form to prevent another injury. While Charles Barkley hasn’t publicly shared any future racing plans, she has hinted that it could be soon, revealing that she has thrown her hat into the paddock as a primary choice for the Collins Cup later this month (although she was not selected).

Rocky Harris, CEO of USAT, Moves to Olympic Committee

After five years as the U.S. triathlon president, CEO Rocky Harris is taking on a role on the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee as head of athletic and athletic services, the group announced this week. In his new role, Harris will oversee Olympic and Paralympic athletic performance, National Governing Body (NGB) services, athletic operations and team partnerships, among other areas. “We have a fantastic opportunity on the way to Paris, Milan Cortina and then the home games in Los Angeles,” Harris said in a statement. “I can’t wait to work with Team USOPC – a group as passionate, dedicated and professional as any team in the world – and our partners at NGB to ensure the full success and support of our Team USA players.” No word yet from the USAT on Harris replacing the CEO, but the USAT board met over the weekend at the Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this weekend.

World Triathlon approves policy for transgender athletes, while USAT offers non-binary division to nationals

This week saw two major shifts in the ever-evolving landscape surrounding transgender and non-binary athletes in triathlon. First, the World Triathlon approved a new policy taking effect in September that will allow transgender athletes to continue to compete in female categories, when they have demonstrated consistently low testosterone concentrations for at least two years. Furthermore, athletes cannot compete as a male in any sports competition in the past four years. (However, the policy does not deal with transgender athletes competing in the male category.) The World Triathlon cited contributions from advisors such as transgender athletes Joanna Harper, Chris Moser, Rachel McBride, Verity Smith, Patti Actifelli, Annie Lieberman and Veronica Ivey as well as sports scientists and academics.

Also, the USAT will be a division of non-dual athletes in the National Championships for the age groups this weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This reflects USAT’s decision to add the division to all of its competitions — including rankings and awards. A non-binary class was also included in the Youth & Junior Nationals last weekend in West Chester, Ohio, along with a section dedicated to athletes with intellectual disabilities.

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Sarah True chooses a new sponsor

Sarah True spends a week: First, the 40-year-old won Iron Man Lake Placid last Sunday in record time, her first Ironman race in three years, and her first since welcoming her son last August. Subsequently, she was selected for the Wilde card slot in the US Collins Cup team. To finish it off, she chose a new sponsor at Bonk Breakers, the nutrition and energy company. “I love what Bonk Breaker stands for and am excited to work with the brand and its employees,” True said. “Bonk Breaker is a perfect partnership for me. They have really fun and interesting flavors that my whole family absolutely loves.”

Dairy Farmer / Ironman triathlete Highlighted by the American Dairy Association

Lucas Schoenfeld, a 31-year-old dairy farmer in Aurora, New York, appeared in the American Dairy Association’s digital series. In the video, Schoenfeld details how he gets up at 4 a.m. to train before doing his duties on the farm, as well as how he trains and races, which he parallels with the diet eaten by hundreds of cows on his farm. “We have a team of nutritionists who shape the diet,” Schoenfeld said. “The technology I use to monitor my health is similar to the way we track cows.” Schoenfeld also shared that he was inspired by his father Will, a fellow dairy farmer, to take part in the triathlon. Last week, younger Schoenfeld finished off Iron Man Lake Placid in 12:14:16.

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