Magic OG’s ‘Quantum Leap’ connection has finally been revealed in the latest episode of NBC’s revival

Magic OG’s ‘Quantum Leap’ connection has finally been revealed in the latest episode of NBC’s revival

Ben jumped to bounty hunter this week, but it’s real Quantum leap An event happened in the present as we learn what it’s like to be on the other side of the jump.

** Spoiler Warning! Spoilers await NBC’s “Salvation or Bust,” the final episode of NBC’s Quantum Leap revival. **

First, the jump: Ben lands in the body of a young woman in the ’80s, and comes to discover that she’s a bounty hunter working with her. this is us Fan favorite Justin Hartley on the cutest part of NBC Synergy. Ben is in Eva’s body, wrestling with Justin Hartley’s marriage proposal (by the way, who’s going to say no to this guy, by the way?) and his mysterious jump mission that seems to revolve around a seemingly petty criminal who jumps on bail.

But with a little sleuthing, fireworks and car chases, we come to know that the seemingly innocent bounty is actually the criminal mastermind running one of the biggest cartels of the future. So Ben and Justin Hartley have a lot of awkward relationship talks (since Ben is surprised by the sudden proposal), and the dangerous reward follows – which leads to a final showdown at the train station. Ben saves the situation, the criminal is caught, and he even manages to do enough matchmaking to ensure that Eva and Justin Hartley have their lasting happiness.

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The story of the jump is fun if not a little underpowered (at least compared to last week’s excellent jump), but it’s still a capable and rambling adventure.

More importantly, the love affair made Ben’s memories navigate enough to remember that he left behind someone he loved – and after spending the day with Addison back on that leap – he finally clicked. He remembers being in love with Addison, the woman he left behind. But before he can process this information, he jumps up and opens his eyes to what appears to be the Wild West. Oh boy, really.

(lr) Justin Hartley as Jake, Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song

QUANTUM LEAP – “A Decent Proposal” Episode 104 – Pictured: (lr) Justin Hartley as Jake, Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song Photo: Chris Haston/NBC

Back in the present, the team continues their investigations into what drove Janice and Ben to rogue and jump in the first place. To do this, the team will need access to a lot of old files, including the date-stamped Magic (Ernie Hudson), who runs the program. like an old school Quantum leap Fans already know, there’s a lot in his old profile that relates to Quantum Leap.

Magic explains to Ian that while serving in Vietnam, he felt a blow to his soul, and decided to open the door. He woke up a day later, and learned that he had saved his entire platoon, including his platoon leader… Tom Beckett. This job was originally done Quantum leap In two excellent parts, he made Sam jump into the Magic to save his brother’s life. But this time, we hear it from Magic’s perspective.

As for how Magic ended up running the new quantum leap? Once he climbed the military ladder high enough, he was able to access the ancient Quantum Leap files to find out what really happened. He also learned that Sam – the man who saved his life – had not yet returned home. So, he struggled to restart the faltering Quantum Leap project, which brings us to today.

The new string had no qualms about connecting to the original, but having Magic because that connective tissue wasn’t more tangible than it is here. We even got a few flashback shots of that old episode, which shows Young Magic and his faction.

We also get some information about what Janice has been doing while researching Ziggy, and she appears to be trying to use predictive time technology to see how the Quantum Leap team’s current actions might shape the timeline in the future. It’s an interesting development, and a use of Ziggy and this technology that we haven’t heard much about until this point. Is Janice playing the long game here, trying to figure out what she needs to do in the present to get the future outcome she wants? So many questions.

New episodes of Quantum Leap air Monday on NBC, and it airs the next day on Peacock.

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