Marquette: vs Western Michigan . Women’s Soccer Preview

The Marquette Golden Eagles women’s soccer ran up to Minnesota with a 2-2-1 record and back with a 3-3-1 record, so the guts to see that is to think the Golden Eagles are still very much the team we thought they were back last Thursday morning.

However, I can’t get rid of the feeling that the weekend was a step backwards for Marquette. I think most of that lies in the fact that MU outperformed the particularly important Minnesota team 14-5 on Sunday and is on track to lose 3-0. Seeing MU advance from a (rather lucky) St. Thomas goal early in the second half for a 2-1 win would probably have been a heavy lift there as well, as this defeat from the Gophers came on the heels of that comeback.

MU then went out and fell flat, coming off 9-1 in the first 45 minutes. That’s not good, especially for a team that needed to fight against a bad trend of excelling in a season in the first two campaigns of Frank Pelaiz in charge of the Golden Eagles. Yet… Is the catastrophe so powerful? Facing Minnesota, Marquette finds himself at 70 shots against and 65 shots for the season. That’s 48% of snaps per year, and that’s not a particularly inspiring number.

This is all of crucial importance for several reasons. First, Thursday night’s opponent is facing their biggest struggles this season, so it’s very important that Marquette take the job there to change their own directions. Second, Thursday night is the season’s no-conference final game. Next, it’s a list of 10 matches in the Big East where each competition has points toward that first six finish and a place in the Conference Tournament on the streak. At the moment, no one in the league stands out in particular, although Creighton was undefeated 4-0-4. Does this mean the door to the Big East Championship is open for Marquette? Maybe, but they have to get the whole deal.

Possible delay Marquette towards discovering things? They have only five women who have participated in all seven matches this season and three other women have started six times. I don’t think it’s crazy to think that continuity is the most important part of being successful in football given the somewhat random physics associated with how the ball sometimes moves. Things that definitely do not help? Katrina Weatherell, who was generally accepted to be MU’s best returning player from last season, hasn’t played in any of the last four games.

Match #8: vs Western Michigan Broncos (0-3-3)

Date: Thursday 15 September 2022
time: 7 p.m. Central time
Site: Valley Fields, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
flow: flufk
Live stats: Sidearm stats
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Marquette is 2-1-0 at all times against Western Michigan. The two teams met in successive years in 2009 and 2010 to work without a conference, with the Golden Eagles playing one game at the two teams’ facilities. The other contest? WMU’s 1-0 victory over Valley Fields in the first round of the 2013 NCAA Tournament when the Golden Eagles were an upcoming 18-3-0 seeded No. 2 in their area. Yes, it sucked. Aside: What makes Western Michigan and Marquette’s handover of championship losses so unbelievable?

I can’t imagine how frustrated WMU coach Louis Robinson is at this point in his season. This is what the Broncos did: they lost every game they didn’t score and drew every game they scored. It’s even worse, as Western Michigan has been ahead in every singles competition in which a tie has been made.

  • The 20th minute goal against Detroit, the 80th minute equalizer.
  • It went up to lead 2-1 in the 30th minute against Cincinnati, equalizing in the 76th.
  • 86th minute goal against Auckland, 80 . equalizer Seconds Later.

This suuuuuuucks, especially the last one that happened last Sunday in Kalamazoo.

West Michigan has been struggling with a lot of goals and shots this season, although a 5-0 loss to Butler doesn’t help you much. They get a score of 14-4 and outperform 116-43. If you wanted to get the number of shots in each game, it would be 19.3 to 7.2. If that isn’t Marquette’s recipe for their offensive game flowing in a positive direction, I don’t know what is.

In terms of who stops at the WMU roster, it’s crucial that the Golden Eagles pitch a defender to Reagan Wesser, a 5’7-inch forward from Richland, Michigan. She has three of WMU’s four goals this year, which means she’s scored all of their goals in the past two games. I did it in five shots, and yes, that doesn’t sound like much, but remember: five shots are literally 12% of all their shots in the season. Madi Canada has eight shots a year, so MU probably shouldn’t completely ignore it, and the same goes for Heidi Thomasma and her six hits a year. Five of Canada’s shots were in the frame this year, but none were caught in the net.

I suppose we’ll be watching Hannah Sargent on a Western Michigan network Thursday night. I started and played every minute of the Broncos’ last five matches after Lauren Boavo spent 90 minutes losing 5-0 to Butler. As you’d expect, especially with the 3-0 loss to Arkansas shorted by lightning, her goals against the average aren’t as good at 1.88 per 90 minutes. Sargent stops 76% of her shots on goal, so that’s pretty good, considering she makes nearly six saves per game to get on target.

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