Matt Hancock covered in bugs and sludge in I’m a Celebrity preview

Matt Hancock covered in bugs and sludge in I’m a Celebrity preview

A preview of I’m a Celebrity shows Matt Hancock crawling through dark tunnels, rained by bugs and wading through sludge.

ITV shared the teaser ahead of Wednesday night’s show, which showed the former health minister screaming as bugs and thick liquid were poured on him from above.

Globe falls on Matt Hancock’s head. Photo: ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

He’s joined in the challenge by comedian Seann Walsh, who along with Hancock were confirmed as the series’ late entries during Tuesday’s episode. Hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly announced that they are going straight to their first try, called beastly burrows.

In the video preview, the couple is shown helping each other navigate a series of dark tunnels while wearing hard hats and fumbling around the stars that represent the breakthrough in experiments.

At an intersection, Hancock asks, “Which way do you want me to go?” Which prompted Walsh to respond: “I’m not Satnav, I don’t know!

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The scene is interrupted by Mac Bartlin and Donnelly laughing as the pair quarrel.

Hancock’s decision to join the show was met with widespread criticism from fellow Parliamentarians because he is a Member of Parliament for West Suffolk and will distance himself from his constituents for the duration of the show, although the producers will allow him to communicate with them.

He has removed the Tory whip, and the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has expressed his “disappointment”.

Speaking before his debut on the show, Hancock said he was particularly concerned about snakes, but was less concerned about other challenges he would face.

He said, “I haven’t come across a snake nearby so I’m very concerned about anything to do with snakes. I’m not afraid of enclosed spaces, or at least I haven’t been found, but that’s the thing about being a celebrity – it’s unknown” .

He added, “I’ve watched the show over the years, and I love the way it gets to the heart of people but it’s also fun.”

Speaking on whether he thought his colleagues in Parliament and the British public would vote for him to take the trials, he added: “I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up having some trials. I hope to win some stars in the camp, but most of all I’m looking forward to being on the my nature “.

He said that after the show he plans to return to Suffolk for surgery with his constituents there, defending his decision to appear on the show as being about finding “different ways to connect with the audience.”

He said, “We are wrong if we think that you can only do this on traditional political programmes, where you only talk to people who are actively interested in politics. It is important that we interact with everyone – including young people – who are our politicians, and this program is a good way to do so.”

Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds said on Sky News on Wednesday that Hancock’s appearance on the show “degrades the politics and the job we do,” adding: “Those people like Matt Hancock should remember that it’s an honor to be a Member of Parliament.” .

Reynolds said he wouldn’t watch the series “intensively” but would watch it to see how Hancock was “progressing.”

When asked if he would vote for Hancock to eat alligator anus during the trials, he replied, “I think there would be a landslide all over the country for Matt to volunteer for that kind of thing.”

During Tuesday’s episode, tensions escalated between fellow contestants Boy George and Charlene White after the Culture Club singer described the journalist as being “too in control” of cooking and camping.

Later during the episode, comedian Babatunde Aleshe successfully completes the terrifying heights challenge, earning all nine stars and earning the most campground meals. Former England footballer Jill Scott and Hollywood star Owen Warner also won a night’s sleep in a more comfortable RV.

I’m famous …get me out of here! It continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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