Mayor’s Minutes from Mayor Patrick Collins – Sept 23

My week began with the assurance that our future generations would be fine. The Wyoming National Guard held a discovery day for middle school and high school students. It was a trunk-oriented event attended by hundreds of students from Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. I was very impressed with the kiosks and the way students interact with technology. Talking to the students gives me a lot of hope for their success in the future. Good job Wyoming Air Guard.

I am excited about the possibility of a local development group winning the award from the Air Force to develop improved lease use land. The property is located in an off-site car park at Frontier Days. I imagine hundreds of apartments that will house our military and community members, along with a pleasant selection of businesses. My hopes rise after a meeting I had with two developers who decided to join forces to make sure the local Wyoming company wins the business.

We in Cheyenne are fortunate to have an amazing symphony orchestra. They held a party on Saturday night to raise funds to support this amazing group of musicians. Judy and I both enjoyed the music and bought some stuff at the silent auction. I hope you are all planning to watch this season’s show. I can’t wait to see “Home Alone” at the Civic Center, where the orchestra plays the music. see you there.

Board member Labourne has represented Amber 1 for years and has been involved with our community throughout his life. I enjoy our meetings, and we had another one this week. He just got back from a conference on water and wanted to share what he learned. We have a lot we can do to be more water efficient. He was also concerned with residents who did not want to be good neighbors, lots of unlicensed cars, litter in the yards, uncut grass, and abandoned houses. We talked about the tools we currently have and the tools we need to create to help mitigate these issues. I appreciate Pete’s passion.

With the inflationary pressures we currently see in our economy, I am increasingly concerned about how the less fortunate in our society will afford housing. I have made it my goal to hire companies that will build affordable housing. The Overland Real Estate Group is the group that has answered my calls and is very interested in our market. I was tutored on how to fund these types of projects, and what I found disappointing. To provide housing for people at 80% AMI and below, it takes tax credits to make deals. In Wyoming, we only get $3.1 million a year for the entire state. That means we might get 40 apartments in Cheyenne every year or two. With thousands of units required, it is frustrating when I do the calculations. As I learn more about this topic, we will need to find every origin to make a difference.

When Brian Pedersen was a young legislator, he had the opportunity to get involved in a group that took young leaders and gave them opportunities to grow and learn about the world. And now he’s pushing it forward by nurturing young leaders from Southeast Asia to come to Cheyenne and work a little, in their niche fields. We have a young man from South Korea who works as a planner, and now he is helping out with the planning department in our city. What a great opportunity for these guys! I think the best thing about these programs is the opportunity to get people from different cultures to work together and get to know each other, to break down the prejudices that currently plague our world. I enjoyed meeting them and wish them a great experience while we were here in Cheyenne.

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I attended the Leeds board meeting this week. It’s exciting to see what’s going on in the business of economic development. It is always fun when a new company is looking for opportunities in Cheyenne. This is certainly the case with the meatpacking plant that submitted a proposal for a $1.1 billion facility in Swan Ranch Business Park. I think it is important to look closely at every opportunity as it is hard to come by. Today I attended a meeting with the Wyoming Business Council and LEADS to discuss a proposed meatpacking plant. I’ve shared my real concerns about the plant’s requirements for 3,000 acres of water per year, and how we will handle housing for the 2,500 proposed new employees. In the end, we decided that a meatpacking plant would not be suitable for Shane and Wyoming. We do not have the infrastructure to support this business venture. By the way, 3,000 acres of water equals 977,550,000 gallons of water per year.

Strengths is a new program for Laramie County School District #1 that aims to give our students eight pillars of strength. These pillars are designed to help our children be mentally strong to combat suicide and bullying. The peer-to-peer part of getting students to support each other has been proven in many places across the country. We have talked about the difficulties many children face in school and I applaud LCDS1 for this innovative program. I hope to see the program expand from schools to all parts of our city. We can all help make our city a better place to live, work and play.

We are very close to laying the foundation stone for three new fire stations. We are scheduled to take out the shovels on October 5 For the first time at Converse. There are always some details that come up at the last minute. However, I met with President Cooper this week to deal with some, including an easement to ensure that our new neighbors have adequate access to their sites. A year from now we will be cutting ribbons for our new locations and see a better safety response for our city. Thank you again, voters, for your support of this important programme.

Matt Crossman is a staff writer for Mountain Law. I met him during border days, and he called me for an interview about cowboy hats. I enjoyed when we laughed at our experiences. I wore a cowboy hat for the first time in 125The tenth CFD on the coronation ball. I definitely felt out of place with my pretty cowboy hat on my head for the first time. I was also amazed at how quickly I fell in love with it. Today, I own three cowboy hats and am always looking for opportunities to wear them. Matt had a similar experience this year when he bought his first hat while covering CFD. I enjoyed the interview and can’t wait to read the article.

I was supposed to shoot a public service announcement with Superintendent Crespo to make sure our kids got safely to school and remind our drivers to take care of pedestrians. It was put off by the rain but I wanted to talk about it for a moment. We’ve had several calls in the past few days with people who are concerned about pedestrian safety. Quite a few people with my librarian have shared the close calls with students, cyclists, and cars they’ve seen in the past few weeks. Please take a minute to think about your driving habits. Are you distracted? In a hurry? We have recently witnessed the horrific tragedy of when a driver is distracted, and I would appreciate everyone taking a minute and sticking to good driving behaviour.

If you have a question for me, send it to media@cheyennecity.org. I’ll continue to answer them in the next column for a minute’s minutes from the mayor.

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