MD Politics: 9/11 conspiracy theories of the GOP candidate anger Hogan

Michael Perutka, the Republican nominee for state attorney general, suggested that the collapse of the World Trade Center towers in 2011 was consistent with organized demolition. (daily log/file photo)

9/11 conspiracy theories advocated by the GOP nominee for attorney general drew a swift rebuke from Governor Larry Hogan.

Hogan made no effort to reject the theories put forward by candidate Michael Perotka. The outgoing governor’s comments on social media have highlighted the widening gap between Hogan and some of the candidates in his party.

“We know who is responsible for 9/11,” Hogan wrote in a Twitter message. Blaming our country for Al Qaeda’s atrocities is an insult to the memory of the thousands of innocent Americans and brave first responders who perished that day. These disgusting lies do not belong to our party.”

Hogan issued the statement following a CNN report about Beirutka’s support for these conspiracy theories.

The Republican candidate for attorney general was previously a co-presenter of a radio program called “The American View” along with John Lofton.

Lofton, in his introduction to the program, said that he and Berotka “have a slightly different view of what happened or didn’t happen five years ago on 9/11.” Lofton, the conservative writer and communications director in Beirutka’s failed bid for president, died in 2014 at the age of 73.

During a discussion about the show that focused on terrorist attacks, Beirutka claimed that the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed through controlled demolition.

“What happened on 9/11, I told you I was doing some research and watching some videos,” Beirutka said during that episode. “And I said that if the buildings in New York City, the World Trade Center buildings, fall down because of demolition fees — that is — if there’s evidence of something pre-arranged there, the implications are massive.”

Peroutka made these claims during an interview with Dave von Kleist, a promoter of 9/11 conspiracy theories.

In comments prior to the interview, Beirutka said he was “doing some reading and doing some studying and I think that’s very, very true.”

Beirutka noted that the destruction of Building 7 in the World Trade Center complex “is fully consistent with what they call controlled demolition or controlled fees.”

“This begs the question: If there are pre-packaged cargoes in Buildings Seven, what prevents them from being pre-packaged cargoes in Buildings number one, two, eight, nine and 27,” said Beirutka. Again just that, it’s huge. Are there fees in every building in New York City? Is everyone ready to drop when some elite bureaucrat decides to pull it off? “

The programs were first reported by CNN on Sunday.

In another episode reviewed by CNN, Perotka claimed that a missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane, and that the bodies found at the site were killed elsewhere.

Peroutka did not respond Monday to requests for comment.

The conspiracy theories and far-right tendencies of Berotka do not stop at the comments made about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Most recently, the former one-term Anne Arundel County Councilman and failed presidential candidate was the founder of the Constitution Institute. He has used the site to post comments on recent events including the pandemic.

In one of these publications, Beirutka described the epidemic as a “lie” and a “fraud”.

In another letter, he wrote that vaccinations against the virus are an “experimental gene therapy”.

Beirutka’s past also includes a leadership role in the Southern League, a new separatist group that the Southern Poverty Law Center has described as a hate group.

Democrats hope to capitalize on the hard-right policies of Berotka and Republican nominee for governor Dan Cox, which former President Donald Trump approved.

Cox organized buses to the District of Columbia on January 6 to stop the theft and called Vice President Mike Pence a traitor.

Hogan’s tweet highlights the growing rift between Hogan, a Republican who served in the final months of his second term, and the top candidates who won his party’s 2022 primary.

The hand-picked governor’s candidate for governor, Kelly Schultz, was defeated by Cox. Likewise, Hogan’s endorsement of Jim Schlick in the race for the Republican nomination for attorney general failed to achieve the desired effect.

Hogan has said he will not vote for Cox for governor and believes that Cox’s nomination ensures that Democrats will regain control of the governor’s office in November.

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