Meet Ben Newman, McJones’ friend, life coach and source of motivation


FOXBORO – The photo tells part of the story.

Mac Jones is shown preparing to warm up alongside Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts prior to Alabama’s semifinal match against Clemson in 2017. It depicts just how far behind Jones was in the college depth chart. It’s a testament to how far this quarterback has to go to get where he is now. It’s a small shot of his mental strength.

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Ben Newman loves that photo. That was his first year working as a mental performance coach for Alabama football. It’s when he first met Jones. For someone who knows the Patriots quarterback better than most, Newman says this highlights “the essence of McJones.”

“When I look at that photo, I feel so proud of this young man because he is such a wonderful example of boldness, resilience and faith,” Newman said. “…Most kids today head to the transfer gate with no patience to wait. Rather than being impatient, Mac had what I would call aggressive patience to stay focused on what he could control, controlling the prize winner one day at a time and realizing whether I believed in myself that one day, I would get started. … That, to me, is what makes Mac Jones special.”

Newman, 43, uses the term “prizefighter day” in his work with athletes. He’s a motivational speaker, sports physiologist, life coach, close friend, and encyclopedia of motivational quotes. Hear him talking and you’ll be ready to run across the wall.

Jones refers to Newman as a life coach, but also calls him “the family.” The couple worked together for five years. The performance coach works with a laundry list of NFL players, including several Patriots. He’s the one they go to when times are tough.

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“It’s up to you as a player and a person to get help and become a better person or player,” Jones told the Providence Journal. “For me, there are a lot of things. You are young and trying to figure everything out. So he definitely gave this[help]and I stuck with it.”

Here’s how Ben Newman met Mac Jones

I started trying to greet you, Mary.

Newman was just getting started as a performance coach when he heard an interview with Nick Saban. The Alabama coach spoke about his driving and said that if he was a street sweeper, there would be a sign outside his house that read “The best street sweeper in the world lives here.”

That sparked the idea and Newman had an orange street sign made with those exact words. He shipped it to Saban with a letter and a copy of his book Own Your Success.

“He hung that sign in his office for three years,” Newman said. “Finally in 2017, I had the opportunity to give an interview and start my work with the team.”

When Newman first met the Alabama football team, players heard about his parents’ divorce when he was six months old and how his mother, Janet Fishman, died 11 days before his eighth birthday from a rare muscle disease called amyloidosis. They heard how you motivated him and how he wanted to motivate them.

Before his mother’s death, she kept a diary of the life lessons she had learned while dealing with a terminal illness. When Newman read it as an adult, he chose to give up his career as an insurance agent to begin giving motivational talks. When he started, he got a free cup of coffee. With the blessing of his wife Ami, he continued to press.

Sixteen years later, Newman has worked with Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Army, and numerous professional and collegiate teams. He has been the mental performance coach for the Alabama football team for the past five seasons and this fall, working with Michigan State and Kansas State. He currently works with 30 NFL athletes, including former Alabama Patriots McWilson and Inverney Jennings.

“When he came in, we were like, ‘This is our guy here.’ Jones said he talks straight facts and he talks passionately and he keeps it very simple and he’s a real straight guy.” So it’s really easy to talk to him. Kind of like, “Hey, that’s frustrating.” “Okay, let’s fix it” and come up with ways to solve it.

Newman helps professional athletes stay in their best mental state while forming a bond beyond the football field. The first Patriots member to work with him was to bring back Jonas Gray in 2014. Newman is now the godfather to one of Gray’s sons. Last summer, Jones visited Newman at his St. Louis residence. Quarterback played basketball in the fairway and played a game of catch with his son Isaac and daughter Rose Kennedy.

“I think the sad truth is that these people are surrounded by a lot of people and there are a lot of people who want to be there for the wrong reasons,” Newman said. “I just want to be one of those individuals who are in their lives for the right reasons.”

Here’s how Ben Neumann helps athletes

Newman came to Foxboro this summer to watch Patriots training camp. When the practice was over, Wilson stopped to say hello and admitted he had been struggling that day.

Newman wants players to understand that they have 100% control over how they think. If someone focuses on negativity, it can lead to a downward spiral. In sports psychology, it is called “expectation theory” and it boils down to what a person focuses on (negative or positive). When Wilson was captured at Newman, he asked the linebacker to say, “Reframe, attack” three times.

“I said, ‘What aren’t you thinking about when you say ‘Reframe, attack?’ He says, ‘Anything else.’ And I said ‘Exactly,'” Newman explained. painful or something bothering you.” When you say “Reframe, attack,” focus on the next six seconds, on the next play. So he started doing it.”

Now, when Wilson wakes up every morning, his phone contains a text message from Newman. It is commonly read, “Framework Reframing”. attacks.’

“He texts me every morning,” he declined. He attacked, “or wrote the bible about working hard, giving my best,” Wilson said. “It’s something I appreciate. It helps a lot because once you get to the NFL level, you go through a lot. It won’t always be as easy as college. It’s not the same thing. It’s more than just a job. You really have to focus on your job and not lose your job. It’s It definitely helps keep you cool. It keeps your mind going. It keeps you motivated.”

It is similar to Anfernee Jennings. He was influenced by Newman’s story along with the actions that followed. Jennings said Newman used to lunch with the Alabama players and even work out with them at the gym to get to know them.

“Every Friday, I get a text from him that says, ‘Champions create distance on Friday,'” Jennings said. “Inspirational texts and videos he will send. If you listen to him talking, he’s excited and always talking about burn and fire. It will challenge you to dig deep into yourself. It’s little things like that that help you remember your goal.”

The messages Newman sends are personalized for each person. With Jones, he sends voice memos in the morning before the quarterback wakes up.

“He usually sends me a voice memo, like every day because I asked for it. There’s something that drives me to go before today, like some sort of daily stimulus,” Jones said. “But it’s personal, so it’s kind of cool. It’s like, ‘Hey, I got this practice, and you said you struggle with this. Let’s work on it. Let’s go.'”

Here’s how Ben Newman helps McJones

Jones has a daily goal sheet that he keeps in a backpack next to his wardrobe. It’s called “Award Fighter Day” and it started when he first met Newman. It’s a term coined by a performance coach in 2009 to help entrepreneurs unpack the aspects of their lives that are under their control to win the day.

Jones Day is divided into three categories – Personal, Sports and Business of Service. A personal activity is something he will do for himself every morning to build confidence. Athletic Objective has six subcategories (Nutrition, Playbook and Movies, Sleep, Field Work, Weight Room and Recovery as well as Mental Reps.) Service work is all about giving back.

“It’s like what you do every day in your routine that builds a fighters day. It’s like spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and being a good person,” Jones said. introduced to someone. If you can do one of these things every day, you build up really good days and then turn into good weeks and months.”

The point is for Jones to reach his potential peak on Sunday. Jones and Newman also have weekly phone calls. It’s an opportunity for the quarterback to clear his mind and vent as much as it is for Newman to help keep him on the right track mentally.

“I just want to make sure I understand what’s on his mind and keep his mind clear, right, so when he’s close to a football match he can focus on staying neutral, living through those fighting days and not letting himself get distracted,” Newman said. “So pick an issue in life that he and I have talked about… It’s just making sure he and I are in open communication and awareness of the issues so we can keep him focused on football.”

Jones has already shown that he is mentally strong. A year ago, he compiled one of the best seasons for a rookie quarterback in NFL history. He did it in the house that Tom Brady built. A week ago, he battled through a back injury and stomach ailment to help lead the Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He has a special command. Newman saw it up close and saw it back in 2017.

“That’s why I know he’s going to have a brilliant future in the NFL,” Newman said. “McJones is someone who is willing to do the little things most people don’t want to do and to do them constantly.”

Mac Jones pushes forward. one day at a time.

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