Meet the woman helping bring big events to Cleveland: The Game Changers

Meet the woman helping bring big events to Cleveland: The Game Changers

Hand-Goodwin oversees the Cleveland Special Events office, and is instrumental in setting the stage for major events to visit Cleveland.

CLEVELAND – Cleveland is in good hands with Esha Hand-Goodwin.

The resident of South Euclid is the City of Cleveland’s Events Director, serving as a liaison to all residents and businesses planning events or film projects in the city.

“Cleveland is my home. I will continue to be a hero there,” Hand Goodwin told 3News anchor Dave Chodusky in a recent interview with Game Changers. “It’s Cleveland vs. everybody,” she continued, laughing.

Since 2016 Shaker Heights citizen has been doing a lot of events here. From multiple All-Star Games, the NFL Draft, the World Series, Championship Parade, blockbusters and the Republican National Convention.

It is Hand-Goodwin’s job to make sure that all plans are executed correctly.

“There has to be a security plan. If you use the streets in any way, there has to be a traffic plan,” she explained. “If you’re using large tents or generators, there needs to be a plan for getting permits.”

Blockbusters shooting in town or premieres — like a zipline through downtown — don’t just magically happen. Even traditional fireworks displays and church picnics have to go through the process.

“It looked really cool, but it was just too hard to let go, a lot of work went into getting that compact line,” Hand-Goodwin recalled. “[Sometimes] You see the concept, you’re like, Oh my God, but that’s what we love to see — unprecedented things happen in Cleveland to say we did it.”

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Her job also includes the unexpected, like real-life dating showtime
BSC We created our own green spaces.

“What we never thought of as a space turned out to be the best dating scene you could ever think of,” she recalls of the candlelit dinner scene filmed at Mall C in town, “or, American Ninja Warrior in the middle of the public square,
People competing in the middle of the boss, going through the obstacle course, no one will imagine! “

Her biggest obstacle is that her events bureau is one person – and herself. Therefore, she restructured the department – even writing her own legislation proposing to create a new department for special events and marketing, expanding their scope of work. Those plans are still in the works, but they plan to add more members to the team within the next few months.

“When we expand, and we can get that expansion through Mayor Babe, we’ll grow into a four-person operation,” she said. “What we can look forward to is being able to go digital by allowing and eventually creating a single permit for this type of activity.”

Her favorite team is the one in the house: her husband and her two daughters, including DJ Lily Jade who previously appeared on he goes! (Watch below).

Editor’s note: The video in the player above was originally published in a previous story on February 17, 2022.

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“They are the main reason I want to champion the events and cinema of the city, so that I can inculcate the love I have for the city and for them,” Hand Godwin said.

The city that feels like an event city has become a lot of excitement in its future.

“The next step for our office is we have some great movies coming to town that we’re going to see this summer. And we have some great plans to improve our technology and get some services online, so more to come.”

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