Midseason NFL Awards: Patrick Mahomes is the best player. The ponies are worth landing. And let’s give applause to JETS and GENO.

Midseason NFL Awards: Patrick Mahomes is the best player. The ponies are worth landing. And let’s give applause to JETS and GENO.

Midseason Awards! This week’s Four Verts column is dedicated to the players and the moments that made the 2022 NFL season special and memorable. The usual set of awards is here, but it doesn’t sum up everything we’re watching. Some new awards have been added that the NFL should consider adopting to paint a more complete picture of the league. Let’s jump.

Patrick Mahomes is still Patrick Mahomes. The quarterback has been invaluable this year, showing that he can still lead an elite passing game as he tries to bring his new set of wide receivers into attack. The bosses offense will work as long as the 15 is under the center. This makes him the most valuable player in the league and one of the most valuable players in NFL history.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shouts to the crowd as the Chiefs take a defensive stance against the Tennessee Titans in overtime last Sunday. (AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)

Offensive Player of the Year: Terek Hill

Hill is spending the best season of his career in his first season in Miami. He averages 122 yards per game and is on track to be the first wide receiver to reach 2,000 yards in NFL history. He was so dominant that he should earn MVP consideration, but Mahomes has outdone him at the moment.

Defensive Player of the Year: Micah Parsons

Have you seen Parsons play? He is one of the most unblockable players in this age of football. Matt Godon has a case for this award as well, but Parsons brings a different level of juice off the edge.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Kenneth Walker III

Walker took on the lead role as the Bello Seahawks bounced back after Rashad Bini was injured and hit the ground. Walker rushed for at least 97 yards in three of his four starts and scored four touchdowns in a row. It was a home run for the Seahawks and his appearance gave Seattle a serious and all-out attack.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Gardner Sauce

Sauce Gardner has emerged as one of the few true cornerstones of closing in the NFL as a rookie. Regardless of the wide receiver, Gardner was closed and actually changed the Jets’ defense. One of the two corners of the elite can change an entire unit and the planes have reaped the rewards.

Coach of the Year: Robert Saleh

Another award for aircraft. Saleh’s planes won a high-level defense while trying to mitigate some of the weak factors in Zach Wilson’s play. The planes are back and it couldn’t have been done without the tutelage and leadership of Saleh, who has developed himself so much over the past year.

Comeback Player of the Year: Gino Smith

Smith was an unlikely candidate for Player of the Year, rebuilding the Seahawks into one of the most important offenses in the NFL. Smith hasn’t entered the season as a quarterback since he was a young member of the Jets in early 2010, but he’s making the most of his chance and could end up being the QB for the Seahawks as they continue the distance. themselves from the era of Russell Wilson.

Jon Gruden Dependent Award: Josh McDaniels

McDaniels is lucky that Mark Davis paid an undisclosed amount of settlement money to his former head coach. Two admissions of error in a calendar year seem unlikely from a stubborn Raiders owner. Las Vegas is built to win this season, but it’s much closer to having a top pick in the 2023 draft than competing in the playoffs. Being 2-6 with this group of offensive talent isn’t good enough, but Davis is until far away He is unlikely to pay two coaches for not coaching him this year. Therefore, McDaniels will have more time to patch the ship and get players to produce up to their talent level, all with the involuntary help of Jon Gruden.

That honor goes to an exceptionally talented quarterback who plays in sub-par conditions. Newton carried the Carolina Panthers on his back for years before finally giving him a legitimate talent to play with as his physical skills waned. Herbert finds himself in a similar situation with the shipper. Against the Atlanta Falcons this weekend, Herbert put up a running bid that resulted in only 243 yards and 5.7 yards per attempt. The difficulty of the throws he completed was astounding and the Charger was still struggling to get on the field and score. Restoring his highest receivers will certainly help, but Herbert’s performance in difficult conditions should be noted.

Tennessee Titans Award: Tennessee Titans

The Titans award goes to the team that routinely exceeds expectations. Negative points difference? It doesn’t matter, they’re 5-3 and they win the score. Taking a rookie quarterback on the road to face Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City? Never mind, here’s a grueling overtime game where they’ve shifted a third down. Injuries and personnel issues, the Titans will persevere and win the ugliest games you’ve ever seen. This year is no different than this year and the Giants will get their own prize.

Sid Meier Prize ‘Civilization’: Jim Irsay

Everyone who has played the “Civilization” video game series knows that the possibilities are endless when it comes to building your own country. Players can be as tough or as good as they like. Rage endless wars or be a beacon of peace for the global community. Irsay is on the same energy journey now. Crazy for power, Irsay has been catalyzing shootouts and seats for the past month. Matt Ryan, Marcus Brady, Frank Reich, Hire Jeff Saturday – Irsay has seen other NFL civilizations start to overtake him and do whatever seems right in his mind to get back on the right track. As someone who has spent years of their life playing this series, I’d like to give Irsay this warning: Be careful before a rebellion occurs, listen to your advisors and don’t rush to fire someone when they remind you of how the game actually works.

Record Scratch Award: Matt Ryan

The record-breaking prize goes to the player who cannot believe the circumstances in which he finds himself at the moment. The most appropriate recipient of this award this year is Ryan, the former Falcons legend who turned the Colts back up. Ryan wasn’t the player he used to be, but he’s still the best quarterback on the Colts roster and the team was 3-3-1 when he was off the bench. Now Ryan is behind a young QB who is clearly not the future of the Colts. It’s reasonable for the Colts to decide that Ryan won’t be the future quarterback of their franchise. Ryan would still have to be in this scenario towards the end of his career.

The Colts claim to be an NFL team, but they just pulled out the real-life equivalent of hiring Ted Lasso. Jeff Saturday has no college or NFL coaching experience, and has only a few seasons under his belt at the high school coaching level. Now he is the interim head coach of one of the 32 teams in the NFL. This is crazy, more precisely, it’s not serious. Saturday may be a miracle for the Colts and hitting the ground running to be the long-term solution in the head coach, but the process of getting to that score is pointless. There is no logical reason to believe that a Sabbath would be particularly good at his job. Going from ESPN radio waves to NFL head coach over the course of a few days is making a decision about a franchise that isn’t serious at the moment. The ponies must come down to the Big Ten until they decide to keep pace with the times, and Ohio can take their place in South Asia.

Scapegoat of the Year Award: Marcus Brady

Marcus Brady basically got it on Friday. He fired on his day off, can you believe it? It wasn’t actually his day off, but he received a penalty that went too far given the role he played with the Colts. Brady was the offensive coordinator, but he didn’t call for plays – that distinction belonged to former coach Frank Reich. However, when the Colts went on the offensive in their first full match with former Sam Ehlinger pick in the sixth round, it was Brady who lost his job. This position may not be one that Brady could have thrived in, but he was considered a promising coach not too long ago. Now, he is looking forward to returning to the league. Life comes to you quickly in the NFL and Brady is the latest example of that.

Differential Point of the Year Award: Jacksonville Jaguars

This year has been a different kind of hell for Jaguar and their fans. Halfway through the season, Jaguar was the only team in South Asia with a positive points lead of +21. The Colts, who effectively quit in 2022, are half a game ahead of Jaguars in the standings with a record 3-5-1. The Jaguars are probably a better team than their record indicates, but at 3-6 it’s impossible to say they’re a good team. Hopefully they can get some good luck in the game in their favor to finish the season so that they can take a record that better indicates the quality of their team.

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