Mizuo Pre-Season Football Camp Notebook: Day One

As fall camp kicks off, here are some important quotes and takeaways from day one.

Elijah Drenkewitz | Coach

  • “Today was really a kind of ground for who we can become. This first part of training camp is about someone fighting these fights.” Goes on to indicate quarterback, center, corner, linebacker and gambler fights
  • Buffalo transfer center Pence Bolgar was judged ineligible due to an NCAA ruling arising from his time with the Bulls. Polgar participates in camp but cannot play in games. Mizo appealed the ruling but refused.
  • “We had guys who missed the end of training with cramps, last year we probably had to slow things down. Now we can just get the next guy instead of going down. We have a lot of depth in this team.” Went to the list of many returning players who understand the expectations and the level of growing talent
  • Conor Tollison, Drake Hesmeyer and Richard Taylor all compete for center.
  • “There are no bad teams, just bad leaders. We must have men who possess both the good and the bad.”
  • “As a connected player, I got into the vault mentality to get past the other team last season. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.”
  • “The more I see Dom Lovett in the slot… the more I like her! I haven’t done a good enough job to give these guys more chances last year.” The beginning of the quote was the beginning of a question asked by a reporter, Drinkwitz just finished the question for him
  • “Ennis Rakestraw is complete, no strings attached. It’s all about trusting him for him.”
  • “It felt so good, being able to sweat and having a hoarse voice, yelling at Sean Cotting for working out so much in his warm-up (laughs). That’s the best part about college football being there.” About how cool it would be to go back to focusing on the game itself
  • “Everyone chose to be here. My first two years, there were guys I didn’t recruit, some of whom probably didn’t want to be here. I feel more comfortable having this team ahead of them.”
  • “He’ll have to speed up the game and X and Os, but he has all the tools.” On freshman midfielder Sam Horn
  • “I’ve been making some dad jokes for most of this summer. Sometimes they’re good but a little bit questionable.”
  • We will vote for captains in the middle of Difficulty Week (around August 16th).
  • “Mookie (Cooper) has had one of the best summers of all; he’s had it this year. Mentally he’s in the right place and he’s consistent.”
  • Drenkowitz pays special attention to gamblers, as men need to be more consistent.
  • Freshman Ja’Marion Wayne starts Defensive Back Test Camp. He was a high school level recipient.

Opportunity Looper | wide receiver | big

  • “At the end of the day, it’s just football. Some things might be faster, but it’s the same sport you played in high school.” About what he hopes newcomers to the WR room will learn
  • WRs now with the “Nasty Wide Outs” tagline. “The Brothers” was made famous by Miss Ole when AJ Brown and DK Metcalf were at Oxford.

Chad Bailey | full back | big

  • “He’s been in the lead even when he’s on the sidelines.” Talking about Martez-Manuel’s role this off-season while he’s injured.
  • “Sometimes you feel like you’ll never play again, that you’re forgotten. So I tried to give him as much motivation as possible.” Discussing Ennis Rakestraw’s journey back from a torn ACL, noting how Billy tore himself during his freshman year
  • “With Blaze leaving, we need to have someone who can line everyone up and correct people.” On what a full-back should find without the former Rice back there
  • Studying film is the best way to get better.”
  • “Dealing with a minor issue for us was last year, so we’re really focused on that.” On being able to live more in the camp
  • “We’ll stop the run, we’ll stop the trail.” When asked about the new DC Blake Baker scheme, Billy thought about it and then gave that response with a good laugh. The Tigers have received some good media training.

Side note: Chris Abrams Dren, Chance Looper, Luther Borden, Dominic Lovett and Dryden Norwood formed the field kick group. There are your options for 2022.

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