MLB Odds: Red Sox Vs. Royal family prediction, odds and choice – 6/8/2022

The Boston Red Sox and the Kansas City Royals will face each other in Game Three in a four-game series on Saturday night. With that said, it’s time to check out our MLB odds series, which includes our Red Sox-Royals predictions and the pick we’ve made below.

Boston is out of its comfort zone, ranking last in the AL East at 54-54. Still, Boston is only three and a half games away from AL Wild Card’s last place. The team will need to play some inspiring baseball along the stretch to secure a breakout spot.

Kansas City is in a completely different place, as their 42-65 record, including a 3-7 mark in the last 10, is a far cry from the competition in the playoffs. After ridding themselves of two veterans of the trade deadline, Kansas City were charting their futures for the final two months of this season.

Here are the Red Sox-Royals MLB odds, Courtesy of FanDuel.

MLB odds: Red Sox-Royals odds

Boston Red Sox: -1.5 (+105)

Kansas City Royals: +1.5 (-126)

During: 9.5 (-108)

Under: 9.5 (-112)

Why Red Sox can cover the spread

Boston has a very strong offensive, ranking 11th in baseball with 484 points. Boston’s 244 outperforms the next closest team by nearly 30 times. Rafael Devers was his regular self in 2022, scoring 23 home runs and 30 doubles, making .319/.375/.596. JD Martinez, without a home run, still runs a productive streak, with 33 doubles and a hitting average of 280. Xander Bogaerts also hit only 9 home runs but made 0.315 with 28 doubles. The Boston batting .253 average ranks sixth in baseball. The 407th slowdown is good for an 11th in the league.

Nathan Evaldi will take the ball for Boston in this one, with a 4.11 ERA denoting his up and down season. Away from Fenway Park, Eovaldi was a different pitcher, with a 2.25 ERA at the start of his path of nine. Evaldi’s 4.3% walking rate ranks him 96th in the league standings. The split finger is Eovaldi’s equivalent, with the hitter hitting just 0.163 against show. Boston’s Bullpens have given the team bouts this season, with the 4.29 ERA ranked 25th in the league for this category. John Schreiber was a revelation in bowling, with a 1.49 ERA in 42.1 innings. Recently Tanner Hook hit a 2.70 ERA in 28 relief matches, and scored eight saves.

Why the royal family can cover the spread

Kansas City will send left-winger Daniel Lynch to the hill tonight. Lynch started 16 games, with a 4.70 ERA in 76.2 innings. Lynch did slightly better in his last seven starts, scoring 4.54 ERAs in that stretch. Based on the predicted ERA, Lynch had some bad luck, as its ERA forecast was at 4.22. The Kansas City basketball team has struggled this season, with a 4.55 ERA which is the third-worst mark in the league. Rookie Dylan Coleman, with 2.86 ERA in 44 innings, and closest Scott Barlow, with 2.31 ERA and 17 saves, were bright spots for that group.

Kansas City has a batting average of 0.245 as a team, which puts it 14th in that category. Gone from the lineup is longtime Royal Whit Merrifield, veteran Andrew Benintendi. Salvador Perez leads the team with 16 home runs, and rookie Bobby Witt Jr. beats 15 of his own bases, adding 21 stolen bases. Veteran Hunter Dozier added some hits, with 10 home runs and 21 doubles. Despite hitting only 88 home runs, this Kansas City offense finds other ways to score. Their 67 stolen bases tied for the seventh-highest total in the league, hitting 844 hits, the eighth-lowest total in the league.

The Ultimate Red Sox-Royals Prediction and Selection

Boston has a lot to play for in this game, and it should show up in the bottom line.

Final prediction and selection for Red Sox-Royals: Boston -1.5 (+105), over 9.5 (-108)

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