MLB Odds: Yankees Vs. Cardinals Prediction, Odds and Choice – 5/8/2022

The much-anticipated rare showdown between two of baseball’s most iconic teams will go head-to-head as the New York Yankees travel to St. Louis to face the Cardinals to start a three-game set. Time for an exclusive sneak peek into our MLB odds series, where our predictions and Yankees-Cardinals picks will be revealed.

After achieving their 70th win over the Mariners in the opening game of their last series, the Yankees backed away from back-to-back games before their confrontation with the Red Birds. While losing streaks haven’t happened much this season with “Yanks,” Nector Cortes “Nasty” will be on the starting line this evening. In his 19 season start, the Yankees left 9-3 with a notably brilliant 2.53 ERA, the eighth lowest in the majors.

Friday’s entry, “The cards are tied up over the division at 57-48. Hoping to give his team the top spot, it will be RHP Dakota Hudson. The 27-year-old has a 6-to-6 record to line up with the 4.10 ERA so far in 2022.

Here are the Yankees-Cardinals MLB odds, Courtesy of FanDuel.

MLB Odds: Yankees Odds – Cardinals

New York Yankees: -1.5 (+106)

St. Louis Cardinals: +1.5 (-128)

Above: 8.5 (-115)

Less than: 8.5 (105)

Why the Yankees can cover the spread

Wait, so the Yankees are actually human? While that doesn’t happen often, New York has been faltering a bit since the All-Star break with a 6-8 transition since then. Even with their second biggest win in the majors to date, New York would love nothing more to get back on track in front of a national audience when they visit Show Me State.

Without a doubt, it is imperative for the team not to suffer over the course of a 162-game season. There’s no doubt that the Yankees are in the midst of their little slump as we speak. Yes, almost all teams in MLB will love to be where the Yankees are in within 70-36 moments, but New York City and the expectations surrounding the Bronx are an entirely different animal. Simply put, the Yankees were uncharacteristically bad. Whether it was pounding Gerrit Cole’s arrows for six innings or the bats remaining off, New York wasn’t on the same page to start the second half of the regular season.

However, Yankees are still Yankees. The talent on this list is totally disgusting, because most starting center players and novice shooters will likely be an influential player over any other team in the league. In order for the Yanks to get back on the right track, they will need to return to their previous form of balanced play. Remember, this is the team that ranks first in the percentage of scoring and slow, and also second in the base percentage. Not to mention New York was dominant from the hill with the third best ERA, WHIP and BAA of the season. Simply put, this team will work on fixing the kinks sooner rather than later.

Why Cardinals Can Cover Spread

How hot are the cardinals? Well, St. Louis have had six wins in their last seven games and have finally caught up with the Brewers for the number one spot at NL Central. Now, the Cardinal has crossed nearly ten games of .500 for the first time this season. Even more impressively, the Cardinals won five consecutive home games to take their Bosch Stadium record to the 32-20 mark. After weaning the cubs off fairly easily, the Cardinals will have their hands full as the Yankees visit the city.

To cover the spread and continue their recent dominance, look for the Cardinals to be aggressive in multiple aspects of the game. Whether that means passing a few bags on the base tracks or swinging a first pitch of batting, it’s hard to imagine a Cardinal not wanting to win this game a little more than a regular game.

While the St. Louis numbers don’t particularly match the mainstream stats the Yankees have, they aren’t as far off as you might think. In fact, not many other teams around the league are balanced out of rubber and box batting. Offensively, the Cardinals will have to chase Cortez early. With the sixth most in the league and a hitting average of 252, this dynamic lineup is more than capable of clearing up problems for Yankees shooters.

While St. Louis might have a flaw in the match between Curtis and Hudson at first glance, the Cardinals got off to a strong start as only two runs were allowed. Hudson will be key in covering the difference, as the long walk will do wonders in prolonging the Cardinal’s winning streak.

Final Yankees Cardinals prediction and selection

With two of the most passionate fan bases in the entire game of baseball, feelings will run high at this base before the first pitch. This epic match should have match type intensity and increased focus should be expected from both sides. Bottom line, St. Louis is too hot to put your trust in covering the +1.5 spread.

Yankees-Cardinals Final Predictor and Pick: Cardinals +1.5 (-128)

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