MLB rumors: More Trea Turner-Phillies fanfare at GM meetings

MLB rumors: More Trea Turner-Phillies fanfare at GM meetings

Here are more Turner-to-Phillies posts on GM meetings that originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

There’s no such thing as an MLB Hot Stove, and now the stove is heating up around the big name and Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phillies have long been linked with a possible pursuit of Dodgers shortstop dodger Tria Turner this season. They need to get younger in this position (Jean Segura, whose option for 2023 was turned down by the club, is 33 before the start of next season), and they need a career hitter (Turner is a career .302 hitter and has captained baseball twice on stolen bases), And Turner is friendly with several players on the Phillies roster in his former teammates Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber.

So it wasn’t a surprise, but certainly encouraging, when veteran baseball writer Jason Stark presented Wednesday at The Best Show Ever? That Turner-to-Philly chatter was about the league:

“You hear a lot of Tria Turner talk. I’m co-signed with Tria Turner, and I’ll tell you guys: There are some interesting grumbles that he wants to be [in Philly]. So I was watching it.”

You love to hear it!

Then on Thursday, MLB insider John Morosi echoed those sentiments in stronger terms:

“First off, the Phillies. For a number of reasons, a lot of people here in the meetings think the Phillies is perhaps the most likely landing point for Trea Turner. Let’s start with his close friendship with Bryce Harper, going back to a time with the Nationals. That’s one element here, where Trea loves to play With Bryce again.”

The stove is officially hot guys. You can even call it smoking hot.

And it all comes on the heels of Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports in Philadelphia to NBCSP’s Corey Seidman on the Phillies Talk podcast earlier this week, in which he believes Turner is a legitimate prospect for Phillies:

Seidman: Do you think [Trea Turner] Is it a legitimate prospect for Phillies?

Salisbury: Yeah, I am. They need a guy ahead. You can take Stott to second, and then you have one of the hottest guys in baseball. So he’s multi-dimensional and does a lot of things really well. I think he wants to play on the East Coast. “He’ll be exceptionally fit. He’s a great player, as we’ve seen for a long time in Washington. I think he’s the kind of strike that this squad could use near the top. He’d be a great result for this team. But you still need a promotion, so you have to decide where You will spend your resources, you know?”

Let’s make it happen.

Turner is indeed the perfect choice for this team. The only thing that could get in the way with red lines next year that Phillies fans will find acceptable is for some team to come along and put on a crazy, money-crazy show that goes beyond anything you could expect and the front office considers it. Too crazy to match. Then hope they go after one of the Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa, or Dansby Swanson.

But again: Turner is a career .302 hitter. He’s been an All-Star last year despite posting his weakest slasher—.298/.343/.466—since 2019. He hit 21 homers, led 100 rounds, stole 27 bases, and finished 13th in MLB in defensive rounds Saved between all the short stops, one spot behind Correa and two points behind Bogarts.

He’s an exemplary player for the 2023 Phillies, and will go a long way to bring them straight back into the playoff competition next season. They still need to find money to provide assistance, even if Andrew Painter is able to enter the rotation next season, so they can’t go to the stratosphere in the Turner deal. But John Middleton said he was spending ridiculous money when he had the chance, and I think the season after winning two world titles is definitely an opportunity to present himself.

We will see what happens.

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