MMA tracker: Major Deiveson Figueiredo and Dustin Poirier News

MMA tracker: Major Deiveson Figueiredo and Dustin Poirier News

Good morning Mixed Martial Arts fans! Welcome to the MMA News Tracker! Here are some of the latest happenings around the world of MMA.

Dustin Poirier has the official hot sauce for the UFC

Dustin Poirier

Yesterday, the UFC released a press release announcing that Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Hot Sauce is now the official hot sauce of the UFC. This is great news for Poirier as he is days away from a major bout against fellow lightweight Michael Chandler at UFC 281. Poirier issued this statement in the press release:

“It means a lot that Poirier’s Louisiana Style is named the UFC’s first-ever official hot sauce,” Poirier said. “The work—whether it’s training for the next fight, setting up a hot sauce company, or helping through the Good Fight Foundation—is all about building a legacy for my family and community. These hot sauces come from the kitchen I grew up with in Lafayette, Louisiana. These are my roots, and I’m excited for UFC fans to share the flavors of Cajun that I love.”

Dan Hardy is not sure about the future

Dan Hardy October
Image Credit: Dolly Chloe

Dan Hardy was booked to return to combat sports in his first fight in 10 years against Diego Sanchez on Saturday in an exhibition boxing match. However, according to Hardy, the fight was called off after Sky Sports became the platform for the event and decided to cancel several bouts from the squad.

Hardy told Radio Submission (Transcript via Denis Shkuratov, H/T Fighting MMA). “Because they obviously got a deal with Boxer, and they have a lot of signed fighters for their management team. So yeah, they got in the Hatton/Barrera fight and they called off the rest of the fights.”

“I had a short chat with Diego about it. Of course, he was also frustrated, but you know, it’s a fighting game. It’s a mess right now, and with new promoters entering the business, I think sometimes they buy themselves a little more than they can.” Chew it up, and I guess that’s what happened. I hope it goes really well. But aside from following Ricky Hatton’s Instagram, I don’t really hear anything about her.”

Hardy went on to reveal that he is now unsure when or if he will compete again following this cancellation.

“My mom said it kind of feels like the universe is telling you something here,” Hardy said. “Maybe. Maybe I’m just hanging on to something. But to be honest, I still feel good, I still feel good, my mind is sharp, and there are two options for the New Year. Yes, there are two options, two of the names of people I have on my mind.”

“But to be honest, I just kind of go with what comes to me at the moment. I’m pretty busy with the YouTube channel, with the new project coming out in the new year. That’s going to be incredible. It might give me a chance to compete again in mixed martial arts as well. I’m taking things a little more a step. I’ve had a lot of curveballs in the past six months. It’s been a bit of a stressful ride. But I’m sitting here today in front of you with a smile on my face, feeling so positive about the new year. So positive.”

Israel Adesanya & Alexander Volkanovski involved in a minor accident

Israel Adesanya Alexander Volkanovsky
Israel Adesanya, Alex Volkanovsky

According to AG Fight, two Israelis, Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski, had a minor traffic accident on Wednesday.

The bus carrying Adesanya and Volkanovsky hit a fire hydrant. After a short delay due to damage to the vehicle, passengers were able to re-board the bus without anyone hurting.

Champ-champ mode for Deiveson Figueiredo?

Figueiredo weight
Deiveson Figureido, photo courtesy of USA Today

Deiveson Figueiredo once again hints at a transition into bantam weight. First, Figueiredo must face Brandon Moreno for the fourth time on January 21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as part of the UFC 283 squad. However, when that fight is over, Figueiredo revealed to AG Fight that he intends to advance in pursuit of the bantamweight title, regardless of The score at UFC 283.

Of course, the bantamweight title picture is not currently lacking in potential opponents to champion Jamin Sterling. Sean O’Malley recently made a claim to the #1 contender after defeating Peter Yan at UFC 280. In addition, Henry Cejudo has been pressing for a title at Sterling for a rematch, and Marlon “Cheto” Vera is also in the conversation, with O’Malley launching an interim title fight. Against it as the sterling takes some time.

MMA News will keep you updated on whether Figueiredo is pursuing these overweight plans after UFC 283.

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