Moves deadline to trade Rangers MLB? Here are six names that could appear

The Rangers entered the trading season as they approached opportunism.

They didn’t want to break the team. And they didn’t want to mortgage a future that they thought was getting brighter day by day to a single player, no matter how talented the player was.

What they found: It’s a nice idea.

But making meaningful deals that don’t affect any of their goals is nearly impossible. So, with Tuesday’s 5pm deadline approaching, it looks like they’re going to stick mostly on the sidelines. They inquired about Luis Castillo and chased after him, but they felt the price would cut deep into their minor league system, so he went from Cincinnati to Seattle. Frankie Montas from Auckland? The same. He went as part of a package to the New York Yankees on Monday afternoon.

Sure, Juan Soto is still out there. But if they thought the cost of two bowlers, each for a year of club control was high, it’s exponentially higher for a 23-year-old MVP hitter who can be controlled through 2024.

So, what’s likely to happen by the Tuesday trading deadline (and right after that)? Here are six names likely to be affected by what the Rangers do or not do by Tuesday afternoon:

Matt Moore: He stands as the custodian most likely to be moved, but the hired left-wing saviors, even men who have made such a year, don’t usually trade until the last hour of the trading period. Each competitor can use a left-handed housing.

Moore was great, but he came to camp as an uninvited invitee to the roster and didn’t make the opening day roster. Turning this type of small stock investment into a high-risk prospect would be a big win. Especially when you consider that the Rangers need left-wing Taylor Hearn back in the big business to get a more look at the multi-role relief role. You know, the kind of role Moore played.

Martin Perez: There is a premium on the quality of novice shooters, and the Rangers had to investigate how much other teams were willing to pay. For manageable starters like Castillo and Montas, the price was way too high. For rent like Perez: not so much.

He has done a lot for Rangers this year and means a lot to the club’s stated goal of a major on-pitch improvement for 2022 to trade him for a meager return. The goal now should be to see if there is a happy place to extend keeping Perez in Texas until, say, 2025.

Cole Calhoun: He was everything Rangers asked for as a teammate, but he simply didn’t deliver on him offensively. Since June 1, he’s been the second worst offensive player in baseball with a 0.528 OPS and a ridiculously high 34% strike rate. With a remaining salary commitment of about $1.7 million, that makes it more difficult to trade in potential.

Rangers have the worst offensive production in MLB from left field and they need to start looking at options for 2023, so they may need to move on from Calhoun. It just didn’t work.

Joey Gallo: Speaking of Calhoun, why not at least make a call to the Yankees to find out how much they want Gallo off their roster and if teams can replace one left-hitter with another. It didn’t work out at all in New York with Gallo. Calhoun, the veteran 10-year-old, might get a little spark from being a bench racket/defender in the Yankees’ deep lineup.

Gallo, the free agent at the end of the year, is worth another $3.5 million. Why would Rangers trade with a struggling rental player? Hitting coaches Donny Ecker, Tim Hires and Seth Conner will give two months to see if Gallo’s swing is fixable and give mental performance coordinator Hannah Heusman a project.

Bubba Thompson: Maybe you should be more realistic. If Rangers are going to start looking at left field options, Thompson should be at the top of the list. He needs protection in his 40-man roster this winter and has made significant progress in attack. He may chase a lot to be a productive player every day, but he has also improved as he progresses through the system.

And if not Thompson, the Rangers need to get Ezequiel Duran for a while. Because third baseman Josh Jung could be back from shoulder surgery before the season is over. Jung in third and a spin left would be one way to get them both in the squad together.

Cole Rajans: This isn’t Cole who expected to get a chance at the Rangers rotation this year, but here we are, nonetheless. The 2016 first-round pick has a 3.04 ERA at 94 2/3 round three years after two Tommy John surgeries. During his last three rounds of Triple-A, he faced opponents with .131/.209/.230/.459 slashes.

Spencer Howard and Glenn Otto have been doing better lately at the back of the course, but the Rangers have to find a way to look at the Ragans this season and manage the burden of roles that are already highly professional.

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