New rules, new schools, new coaches: What’s the future for F5 football this season

When we take a peek at the 2022 Division 5 football season, there are some notable changes.

And more changes could come.

For example, the fixture schedules were rearranged about a week before the first game of last season after teams made late decisions to switch to 8-man football or not play at the league level. In recent weeks, Canisteo-Greenwood and Mynderse Academy have decided to move to 8-player soccer for this next season.

So. Some of the rules of the game in Division 5 football are still fluid.

Here are some of the changes and what we know now:

Division 5 players who transfer to other schools

Monroe Red Jackets can have at least a new defensive back, a first-class student with a college scholarship offer.

Styles Mackenzie BakerD., a freshman on University Prep last season, said he expects to play his sophomore season this fall in Monroe.

McKenzie-Baker has an offer to play on a scholarship at State University at Buffalo after high school. His older brother William joined Monroe’s coaching staff as an assistant. This will be 16-year-old Mackenzie Baker’s third season.

Fifth division football teams in new ranks

The Hilton Cadets Transition to class A2 of class AA, based on numbers of students enrolled.

Rich Libani, who has racked up 198 wins as a college coach, said it would be “interesting” for the Cadets to play a new group of teams, including Canandigua, Division Five champion for the past three seasons.

“Like the old days, it was Western (Monroe) County,” Libany said. “We are playing with teams we have probably not played for 15 years.

“I had matches against Athens (Greece), and then things went well. But I have no idea what these teams are.”

Regular season Cadet opponents include Webster Schroeder, Webster Thomas, Churchville-Chile, Olympia Greece/Odyssey, Spencerport, Jets Chile, Brighton and Canandigua.

The University preparatory Griffins You will move to Category AA.

The 2021 Division A1 Champions have been re-ranked by Division V and will face Victor, McQuaid, Aquinas, Edison, Pittsford, Fairport and Rush Henrietta during the regular season.

The UPrep soccer championship was the team’s first, and the first charter school football title won in the Fifth Division.

A new team enters the fifth football division

The Virtus Warriors He is the first newcomer to Division 5 football since UPrep 10 years ago.

Rochester Independent School will line up and play in Class C with Ossie Bennett as coach. Matches will be played at their home grounds at the Rochester Sports Complex, the former rhinoceros football stadium. Bennett coached the school’s JV team that won four of their six games last season. There were 34 children on that list.

Vertus’ regular season opponents will include 2021 Division V champions East Rochester/Gannada, Hornell, Letchworth/Warsaw/Perry, Bath Haverling, Attica, Leroy and Waterloo

New football coaches in the fifth division

Joining Bennett as the new Division 5 coaches are:

Zane Howard (Bishop Kearney/Rochester Prep/Rochester Academy): This is Howard’s third year with the team. He spent last season as an offensive coordinator. He replaced Richard Goss, who coached Bishop Kearney’s teams, including track and field, for 10 years. Goose led the squash soccer team for five seasons.

Joe Montesano (Rush Henrietta)He was a football coach for the Rush-Henrietta team when the Royal Comets won the 2010 Class AA State Championships and returned to lead the team he was in charge of for 11 seasons.

Dennis Bean (Churchville, Chile): Pynn is an assistant coach for a football development team in Churchville-Chili and a physical education teacher in the area. He also coaches the track and field teams in Churchville, Chile. Troy Jeffers coached the Saints football team for seven seasons.

Tim Rose (East Rochester / Jananda): Rose, ER/Gananda assistant coach, presents. He replaces Brian Torango, the pitcher’s varsity coach for the past four seasons.

Fifth Division Football Picture 8 men

This season will be the fifth for the Fifth Division of 8-player soccer.

difference: Canisteo-Greenwood, Finney School/Northstar Christian Academy, Holley, Mynderse Academy, Pembroke, Wellsville and two-time title holder V red jacket.

Season Planning: Eight regular season and split tournament matches on the same schedule for 11-player Ranked Teams. The state playoffs are now two-tiered in 2022 and 2023, after the New York State High School Athletics Association approved a regional championship match.

State Championship: The Division 5 champion plays another division champion, with the winner advancing to the season-ending NYSPHSAA Regional Championship.

Fifth Division Football Rule Changes

Helmet-to-helmet ejection hit carries a less severe penalty.

Players who are sent off for such unsportsmanlike behavior must sit outside the court for the equivalent of four quarters. Anyone ejected in the second quarter of one game, for example, can now play at the start of the third quarter of the next game.

A previous penalty required a player who was sent off for helmet-to-helmet targeting to miss the entire next game, regardless of when they were punished.

Division 5 teams of 8 players will play at 80 yardsinstead of 100 yards, as suggested by the National Federation of State High Schools Athletic Associations.

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