Newark Catholic Ryan Ricciardo transitions from soccer to soccer

Newark Catholic Ryan Ricciardo transitions from soccer to soccer

NEWARK – In the midst of a grueling ground and time campaign, a pass was far from expected from the Portsmouth Notre Dame football team.

However, Ryan Ricardo, a senior Catholic in Newark, was not surprised. His interception kept the Titans out of the end zone late in the first half last Friday and was the most prominent defensive in closing the green wave 35-0.

“I just remember from the movie that visual we did all week, and we saw that play develop, I turned my head, I saw the ball and I went to give a play,” Ricardo said.

No. 1 NC (9-1) plays No. 5 Waterford (9-3) at 7 p.m. Saturday in Logan in the Division VII, District 27 Semifinals. No. 2 River (11-1) and No. 3 Caldwell (11-1) play in the other semi-finals.

The Green Wave defense earned its third consecutive close and fifth of the season. All five of them came home to Whitefield.

“It was definitely something we’ve been striving for, which is to keep this shutdown in Whitefield,” Ricciardo said.

That Ricciardo taking on the big defensive task would have been surprising just a few weeks ago. He previously served as a captain and resister for NC while receiving the Ohio Capital Conference-Buckay First Team Honors for the Newark Boys football team.

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