NFL Week 10 Predictions Stats

NFL Week 10 Predictions Stats

It’s now week 10 in the National Football League. We’re past halfway into the season and are now starting the home stretch. Teams and players began to separate themselves from the rest of the group. With team racing heated up and plenty of football left to play, Nader Assaf and I are back as always to present our picks for the weekly stat leaders.

passing leader

Galen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback – dash

A wonderful star hurts. He is one of the leading nominees for the MVP award this season and has led the Eagles to an undefeated start. With weapons galore and a favorable match against the leaders this week, look for Hurts to light up the stat sheet and collect 330 yards and three touchdowns.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears, Quarterback – Rare

Chicago you have your man! Signs of a quarterback under center position at Soldier Field are as evident as ever, as the young sophomore fielding major broke the NFL singles regular season record for rushing into the yards with 178, and a total of four touchdowns against a tough contender in Miami. Fields’ pocket dribbling, speed, and IQ development all began to intertwine at the same time, allowing him to blast all those who had the privilege of watching him. The Lions’ defense that was struggling to put it in simple terms wouldn’t be a match for Ohio State’s producer, and I’m expecting 220 passing yards and four touchdowns total again, with the fields still showing up.

Impulsive leader

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills, quarterback – Dash

Josh Allen is dealing with an arm injury at the moment. I’m not 100% sure he’ll even play, but if he does, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift in the Bills game plan. We know how dangerous Allen can be with his legs, and after watching Justin Fields break the one-game record as he dash with 178 yards last week, he might feel inspired. If Allen starts off at the start, I can see him lead a ground attack, hitting two ground targets and working his way up to 110 yards. This is a long shot but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Christian McCaffrey, San Francisco 49ers, running backwards – rare

CMC, when healthy, is one of the biggest game-changing agents in all of football. His dynamic ability as a receiver, running back, and even quarterback (shown in Week 8) shows everyone why he was worth trading so much in the first place. In an interesting game against the injured Chargers defense from the bottom tier, McCaffrey should have no problem dashing for 110 yards, catching 40, and making at least two touchdowns.

Commander’s reception

Trek Hill, Miami Dolphin, Wide Receiver – Dash

Hill is one of the best clubs in the league, and arguably the top spot. He’s been producing like crazy this season and I don’t see any reason why that should stop now. The Dolphins take on the Cleveland Browns who have been very up and down so far. I expect Mike McDaniel to make two big plays for Hill who will hit 140 yards and pull in a touchdown in the Dolphins win.

Stevon Diggs, Buffalo Bills, Wide Receiver – Rare

Stefon Diggs is not talked about enough. In all honesty, the trade that got Minnesota Justin Jefferson could have been one of the biggest heists of the past decade, but Diggs has shown that it still exists as one of the best receivers the NFL has to offer, making the trade more than worthwhile for Buffalo . Minnesota High certainly doesn’t hold back the Diggs by any means, and he has to add another great game to a great season. I expect 120 receiving yards and two touchdowns for the Bills star.

sack leader

Miles Jarrett, Cleveland Browns, Edge Rusher – Dash

Garrett is a jobless worker on the football field. He’s always in the back field causing chaos to oppose the midfielders and that won’t change. The dolphins will do whatever they can to slow him down but I would expect him to hit the middle twice. Tua must pass the ball a lot, which gives Jarrett ample opportunities to drag him to the ground. Don’t be surprised if Garrett is also able to rock the ball and make a spin.

Nick Bossa, San Francisco 49ers, Edge Rusher – Rare

The man who was chained to second place in the NFL in sacks and played just seven games is bound to last a whopping week. Like teammate Christian McCaffrey, I have no doubts that Bossa should be able to tap into the Chargers’ injured offensive streak, potentially breaking free from Justin Houston and Zadarius Smith for an undisputed spot in the NFL’s second-place finish. Two and a half bags should do that, as Bossa likely increases his total season to 11.

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