NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs, Ducks, Senators, Jets

In today’s National Hockey League rumors summary, there’s more talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs and conversations with Kyle Dupas about his future. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov talked about joining the team. The Anaheim Ducks will be waiting to sign their future stars, while there is talk of how much negotiations are going on between the Ottawa Senators and Alex DeBrinkat this season. Finally, Pierre-Luc Dubois says he could see himself sticking for the long haul to the Winnipeg Jets.

Samsonov chose maple leaves over more lucrative offers

according to Terry Kochan Toronto Sun, goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov signed a one-year contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, but he could have signed a longer deal with another team based on the offers made to him. He stated that Samsonov received multi-year offers from other teams but chose the foliage: “It was good for me and good for the team.”

This will be an interesting year for Samsonoff to line up with Matt Murray, and there are real questions about what Murray will be able to deliver after some less star-studded seasons in Ottawa.

Maple leaves risk Dubas’s hesitation

Also in Toronto, there’s a lot of talk about the fact that the team isn’t ready to commit to GM’s Kyle Dupas. NorthStar Bets’ Chris Johnston thinks it’d be “crazy” if the Maple Leafs didn’t offer him an extension before the season ended, but he understands a reluctant audience due to the extension’s lack of success.

Kyle Dupas, Toronto Maple Leafs GM (Amy Irvine/Hockey Book)

Johnston writes:

…the possibility of a major organizational change undoubtedly looms over the 2022-23 season if no further progress is made. It would be hard to infer anything else from the recent meeting between Leafs chief Brendan Shanahan and Dubbas, where GM was told there was no extension imminent as it entered the final remaining season on its current deal.

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Johnston argues that one of the dangers facing Toronto is that Dubas is fired and that’s what upsets Auston Matthews. Matthews and Dubas are close, and getting a new GM into the mix when negotiations are already underway could be a problem.

Ducks are not in a hurry to sign free agents

Eric Stevens of The Athletic reports that new Anaheim Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek has said there’s no need to rush to get a contract extension for Trevor Zegras, Troy Terry or Jimmy Dressdale. While these three players can be said to be the future of the organization, and there can be initial conversations with each player, he wants them to focus on their own seasons.

Trevor Zegras Anaheim Ducks
Trevor Zegras, Anaheim Ducks (Amy Irvine/The Hockey Book)

Verbeek is concerned that looming new contracts will be a potential distraction, so it’s best to simply tell players they’ll talk about things later. Stevens quotes GM who said:

“Look back when I was a player. You go through the whole situation. There’s nothing worse than players thinking about their contract. Nothing worse than being a distraction. I just want the players to focus. We’ll talk in time. I might talk to the agents throughout the season. But When it comes down to it, those things won’t get done until the end of the season.”

Source – “Contract talks with Trevor Zegras will wait to avoid distraction, says Ducks GM” – Eric Stephens – The Athletic – 09/22/2022

Senators and Debrinkat speculation

Ian Mendes of The Athletic has written that all eyes will be on Alex DeBrincat in Ottawa this season as discussions about a contract extension could be a potential cloud hanging over the campaign. He is set to become a restricted free agent next summer and after just one year of UFA eligibility.

Alex DeBrinkat, Chicago Blackhawks
Alex DeBrinkat, Chicago Blackhawks (Jess Starr/The Hockey Book)

DeBrincat would get $9 million in actual salary and that would be his minimum qualifying offer if they wanted to keep him on the one-year deal. Mendes writes:

If DeBrincat finds his groove in Ottawa this season and hits the 40-goal plateau again, it’s reasonable to speculate that his camp wants him to become the highest-paid player on their Senators list. But how DeBrincat fits on and off the ice in Ottawa will be one of the most interesting events to watch this season.

Source – ‘Senators bootcamp: One urgent question per player’ – Ian Mendes – Athlete – 09/21/2022

DuBois says he could see himself staying in Winnipeg

Despite all the chatter that Pierre-Luc Dubois may have been slowly working his way out of Winnipeg, he continues to say the right things to fans who would like to see him sign an extension with the Jets. TSN’s Darren Dreger spoke with DuBois ahead of Gates’ bootcamp this week and asked about rumors surrounding his desire to simply accept a qualifying offer.

Dubois’ response was that he could stay for a long time. He said:

I can see myself in Winnipeg in the future. Only this summer I did not have the answer. Everyone wants an answer right away, that’s the kind of world we’re in. But it’s my life at the end of the day. It’s a decision that six, seven, eight years is a long time to come to the end of my career. I’m not alone, it’s also family I have. It’s a big decision I wasn’t ready to make last summer.

Part of him may be waiting to see how he feels about the team and its success this year. He has already noticed that things are looking different and in a positive way.

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