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In today’s NHL rumor rundown, Edmonton Oilers will have to find a way to get around the salary cap. Can they do this without making a deal? John Klingberg talks about his deal with the Anaheim Ducks and his future plans. The Dallas Stars are struggling to sign Jake Oettinger on an extension, and finally, is Mackenzie and Wiggard looking to re-sign with the Calgary Flames?

Oiled to run with a discounted listing?

after, after Tyler Benson signature To a one-year, $750,000 contract, Oilers continues to work above the maximum salary cap knowing they will need to get less before the season begins. Tom Gasola from TSN The Oil Stream podcast noted that if the Oilers can’t make a deal to loosen up some max space, you know [Warren] Vogel, [Jesse] Puljujarvi, it won’t be Tyson Barry, what do you do next? How do you get under cover? What was asked of me was the possibility of a reduced roster, 22 or 21 men.”

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Shortlists are not ideal for teams because they eliminate star minutes and increase injury potential. But, as Dustin Nielsen points out, injuries are inevitable during a season, and if someone with a higher cap falls, the Oilers can find the room they need for a full slate on the ice.

Klingberg Looking for a long-term deal with ducks?

Ducks’ newly signed defensive man John Klinberg has spoken about how his deal with the team has held and admitted he was looking for a long-term deal that didn’t exist this summer. He scaled down the list of teams offering short-term options and picked the Ducks thinking it might be his best chance to secure a new long-term contract outside of next season.

He said he and the team need to have a good season and added, “I had a great talk with (Ducks general manager) Pat Verbeek as well, as we think he will be with the team in the future. We’ll take this year to start and see where we are.” He added, “I think it’s exciting for me to start with one year and see where things are going [and] “Go ahead from there,” Klingberg said. He’s still eyeing a long-term deal, and if the Ducks aren’t looking to give it to him, he could be transferred before the NHL trade deadline.

Little news about Jake Oettinger and the stars

Saad Youssef of The Athletic has written that there is no news of a potential extension between the Dallas Stars and restricted free-goalkeeper Jake Oettinger. It remains unsigned and sources indicate there has been little talk of a new deal.

Jake Oettinger, Dallas Stars (Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Joseph writes:

According to sources on both sides, Oettinger, who trusts his agents on the business side and is not directly involved in the negotiations, wants to stay with the stars. The stars, who traded in the first round of the 2017 draft to choose Oettinger, believe he is their future and have no reservations about Oettinger as a person.

Source – “Jake Oettinger Contract: What are the sticking points with the Dallas Stars?” – Saad Youssef – Al-Riyadi – 05/08/2022

The lack of comparisons to Oettinger is likely part of the delay. Carter Hart’s three-year success, at $3.979 million, is perhaps the closest, and even that can’t be compared perfectly because of the games played. Also, the stars’ struggles to get the Jason Robertson deal might be another explanation. He adds, “The Oettinger camp is aware of the star cap setting, including the opportunity for potential cash in 2025, but that won’t result in a huge discount.”

Wiggard wants to extend in Calgary

According to TSN’s Salem Valijie, he used to Twitter to report news from A source says defender MacKenzie Wiggard has a “strong and real desire” to re-sign with Calgary Flames. Jonathan Huberdeau, acquired as part of a Matthew Tkachuk deal, has signed an eight-year extension with Flames and Weegar is looking to sign as well. Valje believes that the two sides may start talks on the contract next week.

It will be interesting to see if the flames take a tougher stance in the negotiations. It could be argued that Calgary overpaid for Huberdow but their defense is not in dire straits. Would the team be willing to give Weegar big money in a long-term deal?

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