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FORT WORTH, Texas – On Thursday night while tilting the league’s opening in front of 2,094 fans at Garvey Rosenthal Stadium, the 25th Texas Soccer League (6-1-3) extended its unbeaten streak in the Big 12 Conference to 10 consecutive games with the No. 12 fight TCU (5-2-3) to a 1-1 draw on the road.

new forward holly ward She scored her second goal of the season to give Texas the lead in the 41:00 before TCU leveled things out in the 70th minute with a Camryn Lancaster penalty.

Texas game notes

  • With the tie, Texas extended their big 12 undefeated conference streak to 10 consecutive games[دت بك]To the start of the 2021 university campaign.
  • The Texans had a 17-10 shot advantage over the TCU, including a 7-5 lead on shots on goal, to match the 7-4 gap in corner kicks.
  • Texas extended their 2022 undefeated streak to eight straight games dating to August 28 against Florida.
  • Texans are now 15-9-3 all-time in the Big 12 conference openings, including a 7-2-2 under head coach Angela Kelly.
  • About Ward’s goal, sophomore midfielder Ashlyn Miller She scored her fifth assist of the season, while as a sophomore midfielder Jelly Shimkin With her fourth assistant for 2022.
  • Midfielder in the fifth year Emma Reagan She played in her 70th straight game for Texas on Thursday. The Burnaby, British Columbia, earned a time in 78 total competitions over her outstanding career on Forty Acres.
  • The Longhorns continue to lead their all-time series over the Horned Frogs, 9-7-5, with TCU advancing in Fort Worth matches, 5-3-1.

the details

It was Texans who scored the first shot of the game at 3:02 as a sophomore striker Trinity Bears The drive from the top of the box was locked wide for an angle. From the set pieces that followed, a great defender in the fifth year Cameron Brooks He jumped high to hit a header from the middle of the penalty area that veered to the left side of the 18. In some spaces he was waiting for the second midfielder. Ashlyn Millerthe McKinney, Texas native rose above the crowd to fire a 12-yard shot that landed over the top of the net.

TCU’s first shot came from a right-side cross during the 13th minute as Gracie Brian fired a 15-yard effort straight into the graduating UT goalkeeper. Savannah Madden.

At 14:22, a sophomore midfielder from Texas Jelly Shimkin She tried her luck off the right side of the box, but her 14-yard attempt was saved at the right post by TCU Network coach Lauren Kellett.

The Horned Frogs pressed during the 22nd minute as Messiah Bright hit a shot from the left wing that was blocked by a corner kick. In the ensuing piece delivery in the top of the six, Madden battled two TCU players to make a solid catch in a crowd.

The Longhorns came close to grabbing the lead at 30:23. Pierce captured about 40 yards and drove hard on the right side. Texas producer Richardson handed a through ball in the box to Shimkin during the run. Her final shot rolled from a tricky angle onto the right wing just inches off the left post.

TCU’s Kennedy Klontz approached with her own shot from the left edge of the 18th at 34:42, but her right-footed blast traveled away from the top 90 right corner.

From the Texas speedometer during the 40th minute, Pierce fired a shot from over 25 yards, but the effort rolled to the right of the frame.

After threatening several times, Longhorns finally found the dirt paid at 41:00. Building from the back, the Texans worked through the midfield with Miller taking the offensive half of UT. I made a pass straight ahead into Shemkin Road, who drove hard into the right side of the box. Fighting her way through three Horned Frog defenders, Center Rockville, NY, her native fought to the finish line and crossed the ball to the top of the six. One step ahead of her plan, a sophomore forward holly ward He was waiting for an easy three-yard entry opportunity to give Utah a 1-0 lead.

After the end of the first half, the great Texas striker Sydney Nobles He fired an 18-yard shot over the bar in 47:19.

Burnt Orange & White had a dangerous chance from a TCU foul free kick outside the top of the penalty area in the 49th minute. Shemkin went up and fired a shot through the wall, but Kellett was able to save it when diving into the left post.

The dangerous TCU forward, Messiah Bright, worked hard to create an opportunity to score with some great moves on the left side of the penalty area during the 54th minute. I eventually tried a left-footed shot from nine yards out, but Madden was in the perfect position to dive in and block off the left post.

The Horned Frogs had their own chance with a free kick from outside the top of 18 in 57:37, but Payton Cruz’s 22-yard shot went straight to Madden.

Coming back to the other end, Shymkin’s shot from the left flanked the right at Kellett at 58:11, but the TCU keeper managed to turn it into the top of the net.

Madden had to come on strong again with the Horns during the 67th minute. With a free kick from the right wing, TCU’s Crews launched an over 40-yard drive that enabled the UT guard to leap and flip over the bar. Off the ensuing corner, Bright jumped high for a header, but hit it to the left of the tire.

In the 70th minute, a pass around UT outside falls bright in space heading to the left side of the box. She made a quick movement and got off the collision as the main referee pointed at the spot. Camryn Lancaster stepped up and drove the TCU penalty into the left side of the net to tie the competition to a 1-1 draw.

The goal didn’t seem to bother the Longhorns at all as the Texans attack added to their pressure after the score. From a cross from the left flank in 74:59, and with a group of players lying at her feet, McFarland somehow managed to get a quick 15-yard shot that was stopped by Kellett.

Just a few minutes later, the TCU came close to a second when Oli Pena fired a 22-yard shot off the left post.

The Horned Frogs nearly created a golden opportunity to grab the lead with nearly six minutes remaining as the pass from the mid-18s approached Bright’s setting in space. Texas Defender of the Year 5 Carly Allen He put in a great display, however, as he rushed to slip forward at the last second and clear the ball over the finish line for a corner.

With time running short, Shimkin almost secured the Longhorns’ full three points by pushing him off the right post at 87:49. Just seconds later, a left-sided cross found Pearce in the space in the middle of the penalty area, but the TCU managed to shove it away.

It’s 88:43, little Texas defender Lauren Lapomarda She scored the last chance of the match for either team, but her shot crossed the right corner.

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