NOVA Chemicals commits $600,000 to Let’s Talk Science to support STEM education across Canada

NOVA Chemicals commits $600,000 to Let’s Talk Science to support STEM education across Canada

Calgary, AB, November 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In celebration of World Science Day on November 10, NOVA Chemicals Corporation (“NOVA Chemicals”) announced that it has renewed its commitment to Let’s Talk Science for three years with a donation of C$600,000. This multi-year financial commitment will support STEM education for children and youth across Canada, regardless of gender, geography, culture, language, abilities, and financial status.

Specifically, the funding will impact Let’s Talk Science education, outreach and climate science initiatives in Canada to:

  • Building confidence and developing problem-solving skills, creativity and innovative thinking in children and youth from years 1 to 12 at the national level, including indigenous and other underserved communities;
  • Encouraging young people to pursue STEM education and career paths, including the chemical manufacturing sector.

As a company that relies on a group of scientists, engineers, and technicians, NOVA Chemicals recognizes the importance of increasing science literacy in the next generation to nurture interest, excitement, and confidence in pursuing STEM careers. According to enrollment metrics, most young people in Canada drop out of STEM courses before graduating from high school, and there is no STEM representation of women, Indigenous people, historically marginalized communities, and those who face additional barriers.

“There is a huge need for a workforce equipped with STEM skills today and in the future. NOVA Chemicals is committed to supporting science education to encourage children and youth to consider STEM majors and to enable high-paying R&D, engineering, and manufacturing here in Canada,” said Mona Jasinski, Vice President Senior President of Communications and Human Resources, Nova Chemicals.

“We are very grateful for the continued support and commitment from NOVA Chemicals,” said Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, President and Founder of Let’s Talk Science. With this funding, we can ensure that cost is never a barrier for teachers, families, or young people to access our programs and resources. With the support of NOVA Chemicals, Let’s Talk Science will advance our mission to equip today’s youth with the skills they need for future jobs and citizenship requirements.”

NOVA Chemicals has been supporting education and science for over 20 years. NOVA Chemicals’ genomic initiatives aim to spark passion, innovation, and discovery in the next generation in many ways. From financial contributions to more than 50 scholarships across Canada and the United States, to the ongoing volunteer work of staff who share hands-on learning at school districts and science fairs, we are excited to build the future pipeline for STEM employees.

“We actively invest in the well-being of our communities. Supporting Let’s Talk Science and K-12 students is one way we are shaping a better world tomorrow than it is today,” Jasinski added. Since 1993, Let’s Talk Science has generated nearly 14 million interactions between young people and educators in more than 2,000 communities in every province and territory across Canada.


About Nova Chemicals

Nova Chemicals is guided by a unique goal to shape a world in which plastic products vital to our health and happiness will be better tomorrow than they are today. We have a bold ambition to create a circular economy for plastics and work collaboratively towards a low-carbon, plastic-waste-free future. NOVA Chemicals’ range of virgin and recycled resins, along with best-in-class technical expertise, is what sets us apart; Our customers use our products to create content films, packaging, and products that are easy to recycle and recycle. Our employees ensure health, safety, security and environmental stewardship through our commitment to sustainability and responsible care.

Nova Chemicals, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has 2,400 employees worldwide and is wholly owned by the Mubadala Investment Company of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Learn more at www.novachem.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Let’s Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science – a leading partner in Canadian education – is a national charitable organization committed to inspiring and empowering Canadian youth to develop their skills to participate and thrive in an ever-changing world. To achieve this, Let’s Talk Science offers a comprehensive suite of STEM-based programs to support young people, educators, families, and volunteers across Canada. For more information on Let’s Talk Science, visit letstalkscience.ca.

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