Online Environmental Law Reporter: Stay informed of critical developments in environmental law and policy – ResearchAndMarkets.com

Online Environmental Law Reporter: Stay informed of critical developments in environmental law and policy – ResearchAndMarkets.com

Dublin – (work wire) – Newsletter “Environmental Law Reporter Online” has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com Show.

Created at the beginning of the Environmental Law and Policy movement, ELR is a one-stop shop for environmental professionals to find the latest ideas and research, which is why ELR is the most cited environmental law journal.

ELR eAccess is ideal for federal and state attorneys and administrators, the public interest community, leaders in the private sector, lawyers and professionals, federal and state courts, law school libraries, and educators who need to keep abreast of important developments in environmental law and policy or regularly research environmental laws, issues and policies . ELR eAccess is ideal for all stakeholders.

Real-time access – ELR gives you the ability to track administrative and legislative developments as they occur.

ELR Online, formerly known as eAccess, gives you everything that ELR has to offer:

  • ELR – Environmental Law Reporter: Our highly respected monthly magazine (formerly News & Analysis) delivers insightful articles on both legal and policy practice on today’s most pressing environmental topics. The magazine is available in print and online.

  • ELR Update: Get expert summaries three times a month on the latest court cases, federal and government agency developments, and federal and international legislative news. The ELR update is sent to your email inbox three times a month, and complete archives are kept on our website.

  • ELR website. The ELR website provides you with a comprehensive site for environmental law and policy research, accessing our entire collection dating back to 1970, including: court cases and summaries, bills and legislative reports, summaries of major environmental laws, agency proposals and decisions, executive orders and decisions of the EAB and ALJ and guidance and policy documents and approval decrees from the Ministry of Justice. Online ELR subscribers also receive the George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law three times a year, as well as online access to the three volumes of the Environmental Protection Act.

Other features of the ELR software include:

  • The Subject Index divides the full body of ELR information into precise subject categories, designed for focused research on relevant cases.

  • Cumulative table of cases Catalogs of ELR citations, history of actions, and, where possible, citations for other reporting services.

Who should buy this subscription:

  • president

  • Executive Director

  • Executive Director

  • vice president

  • senior lawyer

  • Advisor

  • General Counsel

  • legal assistant

  • Attorney

  • turn me

  • law professor

  • legal secretary

  • Paralegal

  • legal clerk

  • Student at the Faculty of Law

  • Research Librarian

  • Law Librarian

  • reference librarian

  • Collections Services

Main topics covered:

Example contents

1. Beyond words


  • David Freudenthal, Stephen B. Quarks, and Rebecca Barho, The Pendulum Rarely Stops in the Middle: Changing Views on “Take” Raptors and Other Migratory Birds

  • Andrew Taylor, Union of Concerned Scientists Against Pruitt: Can the EPA Purge Academic Science Advisors? Brian J Preston, Judicial Contribution to Water Justice: The Australian Experience

3. Articles

Amy L. Stein and Joshua Ferchi, Decarbonizing Light Vehicles

Asha Wiegand-Shahani, Illegal Use of Water, Marijuana, and the California Environment

4. Recent Developments

In Congress, in courts, in federal agencies, in state agencies

5. Modern Literature Magazine

6. Objective Index

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