Parental salad recipe shocks son for decades: ‘To this day, I still don’t eat peaches’

Parental salad recipe shocks son for decades: ‘To this day, I still don’t eat peaches’

TikToker shared the childhood meal that still haunts him to this day — and now, the old “painful” recipe is spreading.

Musician and content creator neon_m garnered more than 1.4 million views, 148,000 likes and 12,000 comments when he shared the old meal on his account.

And while many TikTokers were horrified by the old recipe, many shared that they are familiar with the dish — as well as some other delicacies.

In a merged video, @neon_m responded to the viral claim, “What meal shocked you as a kid?”

Immediately, @neon_m’s hatred of the childhood dish ebbs and flows. “When I tell you that this recipe came straight from a **Lucifer hatch,” the text reads on the screen.

“My parents used to make these things called Southern Peach Salad, and what they would do is: Take a peache, cut it in half, and then take out the hole, and fill the hole where the hole was with a piece of mayonnaise,” he explains. “And if that’s not bad enough: Cover it with grated cheese, and just eat it.”

While @neon_m’s parents used fresh peaches, the traditional recipe usually calls for canned pears. And while many TikTokers have never heard of the dish, it has actually been around for generations.

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In fact, according to research by It’s A Southern Thing, the recipe first appeared in “The American Salad Book,” written by Maximilian de Loeb in 1899.

“Citrusy pears, very immature, made into a salad, make great with any waterfowl. Peel the fruit and cut into thin slices, taking care to remove the pulp and any solid or incomplete parts. Serve immediately with an equal amount of lettuce. Usually preferred mayonnaise sauce,” the recipe says.

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In the 1940s and 1950s, recipes for the dish — including variations using peaches and other fruits — appeared in many advertisements for Hellmann’s and Kraft mayonnaise.

“Real Hellmann’s Mayonnaise enhances the flavor of any fruit. Delicious, smooth and rich, and full of flavor, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is great for so many ways. Try Real Mayonnaise with clingy California plums,” reads one ad.

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Thousands of TikTokers shared their reactions to the antique dish in the comments section.

“Oops?? Peach and May??” wrote one questionable user.

Another user said: “I was shocked as soon as I heard about it.”

Another user wrote: “I’m here with my childhood liver and onions feeling sorry for myself but you win.”

One user wrote: “People are really arguing about pineapple on pizza and that’s it.”

Other TikTokers have shared the dishes that shocked them growing up.

“My mom once made couscous with a farmhouse bottle. I’m still in therapy,” one user shared.

Another user wrote: “My parents used to make banana salad, iceberg lettuce and banana and mayonnaise with powdered sugar.”

Another user added: “My grandmother used to serve mayonnaise with orange jelly and grated carrots.”

“Hamburger helper, chicken [cacciatore]and a kind of frozen white fish with pink sauce out of a can,” another user wrote.

As for neon_m, he followed up later in the comments to thank viewers for their support. “After years of treatment, I dealt with the shock,” he joked.

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The recipe for parental salad “traumatically traumatizes a son for decades: to this day, I still don’t eat peaches” first appeared in In The Know.

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