Perfect Corp launches iPad solution for its dermatologist-approved iSkincare program for skincare professionals and medical spas

Perfect Corp launches iPad solution for its dermatologist-approved iSkincare program for skincare professionals and medical spas

New York–(work wire) – Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for beauty and fashion (AR) technology, iPad compatibility with award-winning AI-powered SaaS business solution for skin care, expanding their portfolio of YouCam solutions for Business with AI Skincare PRO. Using an iPad, SaaS’s advanced skin technology solution provides a simplified way for medical spas and skin care professionals to deliver personalized skin health readings to their clients in a fast, visual, and easy-to-understand format, without the expense. Medical Equipment.

Feature-packed personalized skincare consultations to enhance the customer journey

Powered by AI deep learning algorithms and built using more than 70,000 medical images, YouCam for Business AI Skincare PRO solution is designed to enhance the dermatology consulting journey. The iPad-friendly tool detects up to eight different skin conditions including spots, wrinkles, texture, dark circles, moisture, oil, redness, and eye bags, with full integration for soon-to-be-advanced concerns, including acne, drooping eyelids, stiffness, and brightening. Skin Diagnostics takes 2 seconds to generate a downloadable results page with skin score to help identify skin health and areas of concern.

Empowering the skincare and spa business with the latest AI-powered skin technology solutions

“We are excited to launch our YouCam for Business AI Skincare PRO solution as a seamless and cost-effective way for medical spa and skin care professionals to access our advanced skin technology,” said Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. “This convenient and personalized AI Skincare PRO will help skin care companies better serve their customers by offering a more engaging and tailored dermatological diagnosis experience.”

Dermatologist-approved and Sporting HIPAA Personal Data Protection Certification

The YouCam for Business AI Skincare PRO solution from Perfect Corp. It is a secure, HIPAA compliant SaaS platform, ensuring the highest level of protection and privacy for private healthcare information. Solutions have been verified by dermatologists as an effective and accurate way to identify skin problems, with a 95% test-retest reliability rate. These assertions are further evidence of the practicality and usefulness of AI skin technology as a benefit to the consumer experience.

Learn more about AI Skin solutions from Perfect Corp. Please visit: https://www.perfectcorp.com/business/products/ai-skin-diagnostic

For more information on how to integrate your brand with AI Skincare PRO from Perfect Corp. Please contact Perfect Corp sales team. at: https://www.perfectcorp.com/business/contact-us/sales

About Perfect Corp..

Perfect Corp (NYSE: PERF) is a leading provider of SaaS AI and AR beauty and fashion technology solutions, dedicated to transforming shopping experiences by empowering brands to embrace the first digital world. Partnering with the biggest names in the industry, Perfect Corp’s portfolio of solutions delivers synergistic technology-based experiences that facilitate sustainable, highly personalized and engaging shopping journeys, as well as empowering brands with the next generation of consumer goods. Perfect Corp. A complementary suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, to provide a platform for consumers to virtually try out new products, perform skin diagnostics, edit photos and share experiences with the YouCam Community. To learn more, please visit PerfectCorp.com

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