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The College of Health, Science and Technology invites applications for the Ph.D. in Physics in the Department of Engineering and Physics. The field of research is the physics of materials.

The Department of Engineering and Physics is a diverse and international workplace with a friendly and inspiring atmosphere. The department has a research group focused on industrial-type solar cells (see https://www.kau.se/en/physics/research/materials-physics/solar-energy-materials/silicon-solar-cell-research). Our research and development focus on new and advanced production technologies. The research will be included in the newly launched Center of Excellence SOLVE (https://uu.se/forskning/solve), where about 50 companies and six academic partners join their efforts to enable the rapid and sustainable expansion of photovoltaic cells in Sweden.

Next-generation solar cell modules will use new concepts to reduce silver consumption and increase energy conversion efficiency. In this project, the research will focus on the formation of contact between the solar cell and its contact network as well as between the grid and interconnection wires or tapes. The research will include different types of solar cells, mainly based on silicon, but also new tandem devices (possibly including perovskite structures). Measurement techniques should be developed to determine electrical contact resistance. Characterization of the samples will include electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) as well as fourth curve measurements and topographic imaging techniques.

The work will be carried out in part in collaboration with companies working on new communication concepts and interconnection technologies as well as new unit technologies both nationally and internationally.


The main duties are to participate in the research described above. Duties include preparing new experimental instruments or extending existing measurement techniques. The applicant is also expected to take an active role in writing publications as well as collaborating with partners from industry and academia.

The doctoral student is expected to participate primarily in doctoral studies. The doctoral program consists of 240 credits of higher education, including a doctoral thesis, and 120 credits of higher education for a bachelor’s degree. The doctoral student works independently and is willing to contribute to subject and departmental activities, as well as teaching and administration duties. These duties may not make up more than 20% of full time.

You are expected to actively participate in the daily activities and workplace community to promote a positive work environment and operational development.

Qualification requirements

To be eligible for a Ph.D., an applicant must meet both general and specific admission requirements (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 7, Section 35).

To meet the general admission requirements, an applicant must have obtained a second-class qualification (Master’s degree), or have met the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits are at the master’s level, or have acquired substantial knowledge Equivalent in another way in Sweden or abroad (Higher Education Act, Chapter 7, Section 39).

To meet the specific entry requirements for third-cycle studies in Physics, the applicant must have completed a second level degree in Physics, with a major in a related field of Physics PhD studies. Eligible are also applicants with other degrees at second-cycle level, with at least 60 credits of higher education in a relevant area for third-cycle studies in Physics, for example, a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics or a teacher’s degree with the relevant major relevance in physics.

Proficiency in English, both written and orally, is a requirement.

Admission and evaluation criteria

To be eligible for doctoral studies, the applicant must be considered to have the requisite ability to successfully pursue the program (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 7, Section 35). Admission is based on individual assessment.

The assessment will focus on the applicant’s findings in previous studies, the quality of any independent written work included in these studies, language skills, and the applicant’s intent with regard to being an existing and active part of the research community.

The evaluation is also based on the relevance of the applicant’s merits to the research program in silicon solar cell technology.

Qualifications that carry special weight:

  • Experience in the production and characterization of silicon-based crystalline solar cells.

Positive behavior, good interpersonal skills, and good written and verbal communication skills carry special weight.


Upon admission to doctoral studies, the person will be offered the designation of a doctoral student (Higher Education Act, Chapter 5, Section 3). The position consists of four years of full-time study, or five years of 80% studies and 20% teaching or other department duties. The position is for a fixed term of one year initially, followed by possible extensions to a maximum of two years at a time. Start date as negotiated.

The doctoral scholarship stipend corresponds to the standard salary level for PhD students at Karlstad University.


Submit the application via the university’s web-based recruitment tool, Varbi.
Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application in accordance with the advertisement, for providing translations of any documents written in a language other than Swedish or English, and for ensuring that the documents allow for objective and qualitative assessments. A complete application must be submitted by the application deadline. An incomplete application may jeopardize the fair assessment of qualifications.

The application must include:
Cover letter with a brief description of the applicant and interest in the position
List of qualifications (CV)
A copy of the degree certificate with a complete transcript of the courses listed, or an approved list of completed courses with grades and dates,
A copy of a master’s thesis or similar,
If applicable, copies of publications or certificates of other qualifications
perhaps letters of recommendation,
two references
Language Skills Information (English)

Attach all documents and publications you wish to consider with the online application (do not provide links only). Label each uploaded document to clearly indicate its content.

Documents that cannot be submitted electronically should be sent to the following address:
Karlstads University
Human Resources Department / Josefin R nnkvist

Registration deadline: October 9, 2022

Cite reference number: REK 2022/182

We look forward to your application!

Karlstad University has selected advertising channels for this recruitment and strongly rejects any contact with advertising or recruitment agencies.

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