Philly’s top potential client, Andrew Pinter, is visiting Philly and may finally arrive in 2023

Andrew Painter, likely to visit Philly, may arrive forever next season Originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Andrew Pinter, the Phillies’ most exciting promotion prospect since Cole Hummels, was at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday to claim the Paul Owens Award as the Outstanding Bowler in the organization’s 2022 minor league system.

Owens, the late World Champion Grand Prix and Velez legend, loved the painter.

“The one with the big right hand,” he might have said as he marveled at the painter’s great talent.

Just 19 and just over a year out of high school, the 6-7, 225-pound painter climbed from Class A to Double A ball this season and dominated all the way.

It’s very likely that he’ll be back at Citizens Bank Park next year – performing for the Phillies at the age of 20.

He didn’t seem afraid of the possibility.

“If they’re ready for it,” he said with a smile. “That’s all they do. I just do what they tell me to do and be ready whenever they are.

“Whether it’s Double A, Triple A, or here all year round, it’s going to be the same. Show every sixth day. Just worry about it.”

The painter was Phillies’ top pick in the 2021 draft of Calvary Christian High School in Fort Lauderdale. He played 109⅔ innings as a professional and hit 167 of the 422 hitters he faced. That’s nearly 40 percent. At three levels this season, he only allowed 67 hits and 18 earned passes while 155 hits and only 25 runs in 103⅔ innings. Painter does all of this in a combination of four grades, including a ’90s high speed ball, a wipe slider, a bend knee ball and an improved shift.

The painter still has ground to cover in the development process, but the big league that Educated Eyes has used is Justin Verlander. not bad.

Dave Dombrowski, head of baseball operations at Phillies, made Painter untouchable on the trade deadline. Same for 21-year-old Mick Appel and 23-year-old Griff McGarry, two other powerhouses featured at Double A and beyond this season. All three are likely to be in big league spring training camp in February. All three could make it to the big companies next season. Dombrowski noted this, noting his previous desire to quickly bring small pitchers to larger firms, provided they showed their willingness. Earlier in his career, Dombrowski brought 21-year-old Josh Beckett to big business. Later, he brought 20-year-old Rick Purcello to major companies.

Back in spring training, Director of Player Development Preston Mattingly spoke about the importance of Painter, Abel and McGarry staying healthy throughout the season and building their workload. Abel descended the innings 108, hit 130, walked 50, and delivered 94 hits between High Class A and Double A. Painter and Abel have done for this season. McGarry with Triple A Lehigh Valley, works as a savior because the big club wanted to see him in the role. A late-season switch from starter to savior would prevent him from making it to 100 rounds. He’s hit more than 13 hits in all nine runs this season.

The painter admitted that his first full season of professional football passed quickly. He’s eager to see what’s next. He will spend the rest period trying to add strength to his lower body and working on taking care of his arm.

“It’s about work ethic,” he said. “The newbies here go from 150 to 200 rounds, so to get through that workload, you have to be able to take it.”

The painter will spend the winter working at Cressey Sports Performance near his home in South Florida. Interestingly, Verlander also works there.

“I love Verlander,” Pinter said when asked if he’s modeling himself on any top player. “Who doesn’t?”

The first knockout, Darek Hall won the Paul Owens award in the center player side. It’s in the midst of a season of 27 homes in the Lehigh Valley. He has also hit nine Reptiles in the major leagues.

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