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When Teresa Witherspoon netted one of the most iconic shots in basketball history, a contested half-court appeared on the right-hand side of the ground to win Game Two of the 1999 WNBA Finals, you might have forgotten that Becky Hammon was on the court as we would. She was the first player to pile on Weatherspoon while sitting on the floor in ecstasy.

She played just over 200 minutes into that season, her rookie year, a small role on the Deep Tier Team.

The Las Vegas Aces won their first title in franchise history, with Hamon at the helm, capturing three new players. Eliana Robert, Aisha Sheppard and Kirstan Bell.

Robert actually played a little more than Hammon in her rookie season, but all three first-year players have deep roots on the bench in a squad of five all-star calibers. However, they played a pivotal role in the best season in franchise history, even if it didn’t show up in their long playing time.

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