Rebel Wilson and Her Pitch Perfect costars celebrate their 10th anniversary: ​​’Bellas 4 Life!’

Rebel Wilson and Her Pitch Perfect costars celebrate their 10th anniversary: ​​’Bellas 4 Life!’

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, Brittany Snow, Kelly Jackel, and Chrissy Fett

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10 years have passed since then pitch perfect It hit theaters, and the cast is still buzzing about the fun they had on set.

On Thursday, Rebel Wilson and some pitch perfect The costars shared some words on Instagram about the movie’s anniversary, and how much the movie means to them these days.

“10 years ago! Awesome!” Wilson wrote, along with a photo of the movie poster: “So many great memories — like the Bellas and us huddled together like penguins in that freezing cold pool all night, and we’ve been hugging each other ever since! Bellas 4 Life!

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Released on October 5, 2012, the film grossed $115.4 million at the box office from a budget of $17 million. The first film follows a group of women in an a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, as they compete against other a cappella groups. Thanks to its success, it produced two series in 2015 perfect pitch 2 and 2017 perfect pitch 3. He has won an American Music Award for Favorite Soundtrack, two MTV Movie Awards, and four Teen Choice Awards.

Among those who won at the TCAs was Adam DeVine, who was named Best Movie Villain that year.

He addressed the film’s anniversary on his Instagram Story by writing, “10 years ago?! Hasn’t he ever gotten old?”

The film also starred Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin, Adam Devine, Esther Dean, Ben Platt, John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks, among others.

Wilson, 42, previously marked the upcoming anniversary by tweeting that whoever made the films is a “legend.”

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson

Mike Marsland/WireImage

While some behind the movie decided to share their love for it pitch perfect In the stories or below Wilson’s post, with Brittany Snow writing “Love You Rebs” in the comments section, others have decided to craft some posts of their own.

The film’s director Kay Cannon, who wrote and produced the three-film series, reflected on how she and director Jason Moore “hopped” around Los Angeles to see how audiences would react to the film.

“First time director with a screenwriter for the first time asking to let her in. We were so excited. I will never forget it,” she wrote, before tagging most of the film’s cast. “❤️ To all the cast and crew. I’m forgetting people but…you know, it’s been 10 years!!!”

Camp, who plays Aubrey Posen in the film, shared a post of her own, featuring the caption, “Aka skoos me” captured on a photo of her character.

“Happy Theses 10th Anniversary!!!,” she wrote.

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In a retrospective posted Thursday to Insider, Moore reflects on how he got into the movie thinking he was making it for “teenage girls and 40-something gay men,” but ultimately came up with something else, and “a great bonding experience,” the result of the movie’s boot camp.

“I thought a lot about how to get people who don’t like musicals to enjoy this movie?” Moore said. “And a lot of it is the comedy and the acting. But the music is also good, and they can’t help but tap their toes a little bit.”

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For movie fans craving a little more fluff, Bumper Allen’s character Devin will be getting his own spin-off series November 23 on Peacock, The pitch is perfect: Bumpers in Berlin. The show follows Bumper as its single becomes a hit in Berlin, Germany. It will be executive produced by Elizabeth Banks.

“This show gives us an opportunity to explore a different group of people than the Bellas, and really delve into the psyche of some of the other characters that inhabit pitch perfect “The TV format gives us the opportunity to spend time with these characters and grow to know and love them,” Megan Imran, presenter of the show, told PEOPLE.

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