Sajid Javid blames the father of a five-year-old cyclist for letting a child ride on the road in a viral video

Sajid Javid blames the father of a five-year-old cyclist for letting a child ride on the road in a viral video

Sajid Javid has become the latest conservative politician to weigh in on the viral video – discussed during Tuesday’s episode of Jeremy Fine’s Channel 5 show and viewed nearly 2.5 million times on Twitter – which shows a motorist failing to stop narrowly five years before – an old cyclist.

The former chancellor, who also served as Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care during his time in government, joined his Tory counterpart Baroness Foster and Conservative Assembly leader in London Susan Hall in pointing the finger at the boy’s father for allowing him to bike on the road in the first place. the first.

In response to a tweet from Jeremy Vine on Twitter 5 account, in which he asked viewers who they thought was “wrong”, MP Bromsgrove Javid – who stood in vain to replace Boris Johnson in the first Conservative leadership contests of the year, before later being approved by Liz Truss – She replied, “Father of the 5-year-old.”

Javid (whose driver, by the way, was photographed being parked in a bike trunk outside Westminster earlier this year) has come under fire for his comments by other Twitter users, who mocked the MP’s apparent ‘car is king’ stance and advised him to revisit the road. rapid blade:

However, the MP’s comments echoed those made earlier this week by some of his Tory colleagues, including Susan Hall, chair of the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee.

In response to a tweet — this time from Fine himself — who suggested that anyone who doesn’t think a “driver should die slowly, or stop” should “cut their driver’s license and send the pieces back to the DVLA,” Hall argued: “Surely the problem is. Here it is that a 5-year-old shouldn’t be on the public highway riding a bike!”

Hall then claimed that the child should ride the bike “slowly on the driveway, or preferably in the garden” and that she was “amazed at the given road behavior with all that it finds it acceptable for a five-year-old to ride a bicycle on the road.”

> ‘You shouldn’t be on a public highway riding a bike’: Conservative politician weighs in on viral clip of driver refusing to stop for a child

Her Conservative counterpart Baroness Foster – who was appointed by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the House of Lords in December 2020 – also took to Twitter to criticize the child’s father, writing: “A child of this size should not ride a bicycle on the road! A completely irresponsible decision along with your comments that Putting the entire onus on motorists if/when something goes horribly wrong!”

The broad argument shared by conservative politicians, that the five-year-old should have been riding a bike on the footpath instead of the road, was met with a response today by his father, who posted the video below of his school trail:

On Tuesday, after the controversial video went viral, baby Ashley’s father also appeared on Vine Channel 5, where the famous cycling advocate criticized the driving on display.

> Viral video of a driver refusing to stop for a five-year-old cyclist discussed on Jeremy’s Fine Channel 5 show

Ashley told the show that “the facts are clear about this: the driver was wrong and my son had every right to ride on the road.”

Episode guest and journalist Mike Barry agreed, dismissing the controversy over whether a child should ride bicycles on the road and calling it “completely irrelevant.”

“Certainly human compassion, certainly human nature says that if you are driving fast and there is a young child coming the other way, your instinct should be the protective nature of an adult in a car over a child,” he told Vine.

> A driver – in a non-taxable car with an expired MOT – climbs onto the sidewalk on the wrong side of the road … then punishes a six-year-old for cycling on the same pedestrian lane

Meanwhile, on the same day the video was discussed on Channel 5, road safety expert Tim Chalcross of IAM Roadsmart told the Sunday Times Driving: “There is no minimum age for road cycling. Boy is a little younger than most riding organizations recommend. The bikes have to be on the road, but he definitely rides efficiently, confidently and with supervision, so there is no problem there.”

Chalcross also referred to Rule H3 of the Highway Code, which refers to a “hierarchy of road users,” which requires drivers to “stop and wait until a safe gap in the cyclist flow occurs if necessary.”

“The guidelines for the Highway Code are for cars to give cyclists 1.5 meters of clearance to a maximum of 30 mph, and since the cyclist was already passing parked vehicles and there was clearly no 1.5 meters of room to go, the car had to wait for the cyclist to be clear before carrying on,” he concluded.

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