Simple big-ticket game creators who can change Geelong – Geelong Times

Simple big-ticket game creators who can change Geelong – Geelong Times

Written by Gareth Kent

Director Preston Rowe Patterson Geelong

Considering the upcoming state elections, what can Geelong, Lara, Bellarine and Waves Coast regions demand of our politicians who can positively change the landscape of lifestyle, affordability, and opportunity?

I have highlighted four elements that can significantly affect our residential and commercial real estate markets and are of great importance to our region.

The first and most important legislation that the state government can enact immediately is the signing of the Geelong Central Framework Plan.

This plan will give developers confidence in the planning and construction of buildings in Geelong CBD, which is three years overdue! Geelong is behind every other major city in Australia, with only 1 per cent of our population living within the CBD border (Newcastle has 11 per cent and Adelaide 5 per cent).

This is due to the lack of apartments. An affordable housing solution is also linked to this issue, and more apartments are needed in our property mix.

Shane Quinn of Quintessential (the developer who built the new Civic Building, WorkSafe and GMHBA) said at the 20 Gheringhap Street launch event last week that “the company’s ambition is to spend more than $500 million on development at Geelong CBD, over the next five to 10 years.” Years “.

If you add this to the Gurner project on Brougham Street, the Morphy Group projects and many others, we can expect over $1 billion in private investment in Geelong CBD.

This will create jobs, allow retail and restaurants to thrive, and create affordable housing options for first home buyers, low-income workers and investors alike.

If Hanwha (South Korea’s defense manufacturer) wins the Land 400 Phase 3 defense contract, it will be great for Geelong! Noting that this is a federal, not state, tender, it is worth $18 billion – $27 billion.

Hanwha promised to build their facility in Geelong/Avalon.

This investment will revitalize industrialization and create a defense industry in Geelong that will rival any company in the developed world.

Job creation and its impact on local manufacturing will be to provide the project to the next level. A massive game changer! Please King Richard, bring him home!

Integrated transportation plan. Many advocacy groups have advocated this, and it is not believed that it does not actually exist. Certainty from the state government about the transfer is badly needed.

There is currently no connection between Kardinia Park and Geelong CBD, which limits the impact of the hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money invested in this area on the rest of the community.

Buses on Morapul Street are in disarray and prevent the CBD retail district from thriving.

The trackless tram proposal, submitted by the Geelong Commission, would be an ideal solution to connect Deakin Warren Ponds, Warren Ponds Shopping Centre, Highton Village and High Street to Geelong CBD. Currently, there are no links between these main areas of activity.

The high-speed rail line between Geelong and Melbourne, the trucks off Rire Street, and even the parking problems in central Geelong cannot be resolved if our local government cannot support the state government’s clear plan.

An integrated transportation plan will bring together all of these ideas and provide a strategy that local government, transportation authorities, and the community can support.

Finally, infrastructure should be the most important component; The presence of close connections and services greatly affects the way of life and the ability to live.

Getting to work without waiting in traffic jams, and being able to access highways, rail networks or recreational areas is vital to the lifestyle and well-being of our community.

Our population has expanded tremendously, yet there have been minimal infrastructure upgrades.

Politicians must commit to completing the duplication of Barron Heads Road, the ring road connecting to Portarlington Road, the rail network extending to Torquay and a plan to solve the Latrobe Terrace nightmare.

Good luck to all those who seek to be elected to represent Geelong in the state elections.

We often say it is an honor to serve society, but society must also recognize that these people put aside family and broader opportunities to represent us in a job that isn’t great.

So, thank you for voting, and once again, good luck to all those running!

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