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Canton, Ohio San Jose State legend Dick Vermeil was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Vermeil is the 28th coach ever to be recruited and joins fellow SJSU Alum Bill Walsh (1931-2007), a 1993 recruit. Bryant Young, who coached SJSU’s defensive line in 2010, is also a recruit.

“We are excited and proud that the Hall of Fame has chosen the legendary Spartan, Dick Vermeil, to be honored in his career,” San Jose State football coach Brent Brennan He said. “Coach Vermeil’s career is only surpassed by the quality of a man and the life size he has touched. All Spartans are proud today!”

Vermeil joined the San Jose State Soccer Team in 1956 as one of four Spartan quarterbacks and started the 1957 season with 580 yard throws and one touchdown. He finished his time at SJSU by earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physical education before heading off to training.

Fire, passion, drive and the will to win would attract then-Los Angeles Rams coach George Allen, the architect of “Over the Hill Gang” more than 50 years ago to hire Vermeil, who is younger than some of the team members. Veterans, as one of the first special teams in the National Football League (NFL) in 1969 after moving up the coaching ladder from high school to college prep to college.

Before he became an NFL head coach in 1976 with the Philadelphia Eagles, there were three seasons at UCLA, 1970 as offensive coordinator and a 1974 and 1975 season as head coach who capped the Bruins’ 1976 win over the Ohio State Rose Bowl and three more From seasons as assistant coach Ramez (1971-73).

In a career as a professional football coach that lasted 15 seasons, amassing bits of four decades, Vermeil was a transformation specialist. Three times, he took over the franchises either in disarray, disappointed, dysfunctional, or stunned by years of loss. Each time, by introducing Vermeil to hard work, developing and acquiring talented players, and family values, the Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas Chiefs put years of loss in the rearview mirror and admired a win. football. Vermeil coached in two Super Bowls and won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams.

Combined with the Rams’ Super Bowl XXXIV victory on January 30, 2000, Vermeil became the first head coach for the teams to the Rose Bowl and a Super Bowl victory. Pete Carroll would achieve the same feat in 2013 when Seattle won Super Bowl XLVIII.

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San Jose State University Sports Hall of Fame
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Ring of Honor at CEFCU San Jose State University
Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year – 1999
NFL Weekly Football Coach of the Year – 1979, 1999
Sports News Coach of the Year 1979, 1999
Coach of the Year at Maxwell Club of Philadelphia – 1999, 2003
California Sports Hall of Fame – 2011
Missouri Sports Hall of Fame – 2001
Pacific Conference Coach of the Year 8 – 1975
Rose Bowl Hall of Fame – 2014
Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame – 1994
St. Louis Football Ring of Honor – 2008

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