Spartan has announced a partnership with a faction on the deployment of a 360 . sensing 4D imaging radar

Spartan has announced a partnership with a faction on the deployment of a 360 . sensing 4D imaging radar

Orange County, California.And the November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spartan, a leading sensor software company, is partnering with Faction Technology, Inc. , a leader in autonomous vehicle platforms for delivery and vehicle-on-demand. One of the biggest barriers to autonomy is the lack of purpose-built vehicles, which has led many companies to use modified passenger cars with sensors and computers added after manufacturing.

Nathan MintzCo-Founder and CEO, Spartan, “The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industry recognizes the need for a clear market access strategy, lower sensor costs, and a clearly defined operational design area that can generate sustainable revenue while achieving the highest levels of safety. The Faction system addresses some of the key shortcomings That we see today in companies that have not yet found a path to profitability.”

Focusing on vehicles that are compact, flexible and efficient, Faction has been able to create strong relationships with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from day one. Unlike all the other autonomous vehicles on the road today, the Faction vehicles from Arcimoto (NASDAQ: FUV) and Electrameccanica (NASDAQ: SOLO) look like the future.

Spartan and Faction are collaborating on a 360-degree perception solution using radar sensors mounted around the vehicle. As a software company, Spartan’s partnership with Uhnder provides radar hardware that feeds situational information to Faction’s DriveLink® digital vehicle platform. DriveLink is a neutral vehicle perception suite based on cameras, radar and GPS. Focusing on low-cost marketing, Faction does not use Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Utilizing commercially available off-the-shelf products in the automotive field, Faction’s value proposition delivers security and reliability with advanced software.

“The industry-leading Spartan software that improves radar sensors is a logical choice for us because it is automotive-grade, easily configurable, and seamlessly integrated into stylish Faction designs,” said Ayn McKendrick, founder and CEO of Faction. Due to the maturity of camera and radar technology, these solutions are much more affordable.”

As Faction’s business grows into additional vertical markets, Spartan’s adaptive software technology enables sensor modifications with simple over-the-air updates. This cloud configuration method will become more popular as software-defined vehicle platforms replace monolithic designs from the past. This ability will allow Faction to maintain the same hardware during future audits of its design with updated software as needed for capabilities.

About Radar Spartan
Spartan Radar is a next-generation automated navigation sensor software provider – with extensive experience in radar digital signal processing and antenna design. The major Spartan software package called “Ago” is primarily used to increase the performance of existing radar designs in an efficient computational way. For more information, please visit www.spartanradar.com and follow Spartan on LinkedIn.

About Faction

Faction Technology, Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup that develops driverless solutions based on light electric vehicles. founded in February 2020, a faction on a mission to revolutionize precision logistics and on-demand vehicles. The company believes that the future of sustainable transportation lies in developing driverless vehicles that are safe, cost-effective and the right size to serve a range of use cases for both business and passenger transportation needs. For more information visit www.faction.us


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