Stands online with a man accused of being intimidating and “slandering” his girlfriend

A man shared how his girlfriend’s best friend called him a “crawl” and accused him of “messing around” with his girlfriend.

Reports of women feeling uncomfortable with men’s looks are not rare. From neighbors watching a woman in her yard to viral hacks on how to check if someone is staring at you at the gym — it’s something all women know.

In fact, in a 2009 Kodak Lens Vision Centers survey, 3,000 people were surveyed in research that found that men spend an average of 43 minutes a day staring at women.

In a post on Reddit’s popular r/TrueOffMyChest forum that now has over 15,000 upvotes, user u/ThrowRa-c4dude said, “I’ve been with my girlfriend for nine months now. We’ve introduced our friends to each other and everything is going fine. ok smoothly.i think she is the person, frankly.

“My girlfriend has a pretty face. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love watching her. She’s also very shy and blushes and gets confused when I look at her for more than a few seconds.”

He explained how the previous night the couple had been at a restaurant with her best friend when his girlfriend was telling a story.

The Redditor recalls: “I didn’t notice but was probably staring at her when her best friend suddenly yelled, ‘Are you going to stop being so scary and stop teasing her?'” Can’t you see it’s uncomfortable? : “This silence was followed by the loudest voice, and then my friend said she was not at all comfortable but her best friend continued and said she had noticed that I was staring at my friend all evening and that it was very scary.”

Surprised by the comment, the man replied to his girlfriend’s girlfriend and said, “I told her she was my girlfriend and that I wasn’t staring at a stranger, but then all the girls said I was wrong. It’s wrong to stare at a woman like that even if she was your girlfriend, and at least I had to To notice how uncomfortable my girlfriend was.”

Stocked image of a couple sitting together on the sofa while the man looks at his girlfriend. The internet has backed a man after he was accused of “scary” staring at his girlfriend.
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Even though his other friends sided with the man at dinner, the conversation quickly turned into one about sexual harassment, and the Redditor explained how embarrassed he was.

After explaining that his impression was that his girlfriend seemed a bit nervous about telling a story in front of a large group, the guy’s girlfriend reiterated to the dinner party that she wasn’t upset or uncomfortable.

“Her best friend didn’t want to bring her down, so I yelled at her to shut up,” the Redditor wrote.

As the mood worsened, the group parted and the man explained that he later texted his girlfriend to apologize if he had made her feel uncomfortable. I told him not to worry about it, but the poster made it clear that he still felt uncomfortable.

“She must have told her friends something or they wouldn’t react aggressively, so she might think and discuss I was a creep,” he said, “or she didn’t tell them anything and they did the evaluation on their own which is more disturbing. What am I doing wrong here?”

In over 2,000 comments, Redditors responded to share their thoughts on the story. One commenter said, “You’re supposed to be a little younger and obsessed with your partner, she’s the most beautiful woman in the room, so why wouldn’t you want to look at her?”

Another Redditor wrote: “You’re not doing anything wrong. Your girlfriend didn’t sneak up on her so her friend had to dump her. She looks jealous.”

Another reply said, “Congratulations that you have officially met Hajj Al-Ghayyour to the group of friends.”

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