Steelers vs Browns live, updates, summaries from Thursday night NFL football game

There’s nothing quite like settling divisional rivalries under the bright lights of prime time.

The rivalry between the Steelers and the Browns has largely gone in Pittsburgh’s favour: the Steelers lead the 79-61-1 streak of all time, including the post-season games. But Brown has made things interesting in recent years. While Pittsburgh swept the series in 2021, the teams split in 2020 and the Browns won the wild card game between the teams that season.

This version will look a little different than usual. Both teams have a midfielder. The Steelers turned to Mitch Trubesky with Kenny Pickett’s first-round pick for 2022 awaiting his chance to start following Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement. Brown will send Jacoby Brissett, who will be the team’s player until Deshaun Watson’s return from 11 games in Week 13.

Both teams have achieved mixed results this season. Both took first week victories, with the Steelers beating the Bengals in overtime and the Browns beating the Panthers in the final seconds. Both fell in Week 2, to the Patriots and Gates, respectively.

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The winner will advance to 2-1 and secure at least a share of the AFC North team after the third week.

Sporting News will track live scores and highlights from the “Thursday Night Football” game between the Steelers and the Browns. Stay tuned for updates throughout the North Asia showdown in Cleveland.

Steelers Points vs Browns

x 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 F
Steelers 0 7
Brown 7 6

Live updates between Steelers and Browns, highlights of ‘Thursday Night Football’

(all times east)

Second Quarter

9:12 PM: Harris holds the ball to win four, but in the next round, Warren fumbles the ball after picking up 17 points. Fortunately for the Steelers, Johnson is on the right side to pounce on the ball and get it back to Pittsburgh.

9:11 pm: Trubisky, once again, broadcasts it off the field, and finds Johnson down the right sideline for a 16 win for Cleveland 44.

9:10 pm: Pittsburgh starts driving with a first quick descent as Trubisky takes off and finds Johnson to win eight on the right before Harris makes his way down the middle to win three. Pittsburgh up to 36.

9:09 pm: The Steelers will start at 25 on touchdown.

9:05 p.m. Brown recording play: Brissett picks up his second touchdown pass of the day as Njoku makes a jump into the end zone. However, Kid York lost his second point in several weeks, as it erupts in the vertical position. Brown takes a 13-7 lead.

9:04 pm: Brown will have the first and goal after a short pass to Ngoku for six and Hunt’s dash for six on the right. Ball in Pittsburgh 7.

9:04 pm: Chapp, somehow, captures an apron after blowing up the play, but is miraculously cut through the defense to capture an apron.

9:03 PM: Brissett shot again on the field, this time hitting Cooper on a road out to win the 18 to Pittsburgh 20.

9:02 pm: Back to back first touchdown, this time with a few tricks. Brissett hands the ball to Hunt in a flying pass, which is then returned to Brissett and hits Hunt for an 11.

9:01 pm: This time, Brissett reaches out to Peoples-Jones to earn 10 and a first touchdown.

21:00: Hunt can only capture a yard after jumping to the left, and Brissett misses Donovan Peoples-Jones in the next play. Cleveland is facing third and nine of 41 with 12:57 left in the half.

8:58 pm: The Browns continues to lead the field despite the penalty kick as Njoku finds space on the right side of the field and pulls in a pass from 13 yards. The Steelers should ask for a timeout after some confusion in defense.

8:56 pm: Brissett goes straight back to Cooper, hitting him in a curl way to earn a six. They connect in a deep shot in the next play, but it was pushed back after Cooper broke out of bounds and came back to deliver the play. Touching the call illegally makes it second and fourth in Cleveland 27.

8:55 pm: Brown can only make his kickoff to 21.

8:52 p.m. Steelers record game: Cleveland tie game. Harris bounces out for a five-second touchdown in the second quarter. The Steelers tied the match at 7.

First Quarter

8:49 pm: Consecutive passes by Warren for six and seven yards send Pittsburgh up with a Cleveland 5 goal heading into the second quarter.

8:48 pm: After Warren sprints for seven, Pickens makes an incredible one-handed hitch down the right sideline to win 36 at Cleveland 18.

8:47 pm: After a short pass from three yards to Jaylen Warren, Trubisky rolls over and hits Johnson, who takes it for a profit of 11.

8:46 pm: The Steelers will start attacking on the 25th.

8:42 p.m. Brown recording play: Cleveland shoots first when Brissett finds Cooper in the middle to drop to give Cleveland the lead by 2:54 from the left. Brown is leading 7-0.

8:41 pm: Chapp blasts off on the right side and makes his way through the defense for 36 yards, then follows with one win. Browns to Pittsburgh 12.

8:39 pm: Brissett has plenty of time and finds David Njoku, who almost made it to the starting point, but stopped short. Brown goes for it on day four and one and sneaks in with Brissett for gains of three.

8:39 pm: Chubb can only capture a yard, and Brissett follows with his incomplete to the left.

8:35 pm: The 49-yard field goal attempted by Chris Boswell with a wide hook right at the end, missing by the foot. Cleveland will take charge at 32.

8:33 pm: Trubisky hits Pickens on a wide receiver screen, but the play was blown for a two-loss loss by Martin Emerson. Trubisky throws the ball to Harris for a short win of four to hit 4 and 4.

8:32 pm: It doesn’t take long for Pittsburgh to rush into the Cleveland area. Harris takes consecutive deliveries for gains of 10 and 4.

8:31 pm: Bojorquez’s kick appears to be tilted upwards. As a result, the Steelers will start at 48 Browns.

8:29 pm: Alex Highsmith was called to breach neutral to move Cleveland’s attack to third and last, but Brissett was sacked for a loss of nine at the hands of Larry Ogunjobi in the next play to bring in a kick.

8:28 pm: Just like the first drive, the Browns started driving with Chubb, who carried him to the left side for two yards. The next play, Brissett engages Karim Hunt, and hits him for a two-yard gain.

8:24 pm: Trubisky couldn’t connect with Johnson on a deep shot down the right bypass, but it was broken down by Denzel Ward, forcing a kick in fourth and fifth. Presley Harvin kicks the ball to Cleveland 23, where she is caught by Chester Rogers.

8:23 pm: Mitch Trubisky begins driving the Steelers by kicking him out of the pocket and connecting with a pass with Diontae Johnson for 13 yards to the right side. Nagy Harris follows it up with two holds in the middle to bring in a third and a fifth.

8:19 pm: Two shortfalls and zero gains from Amari Cooper would force Brown to throw in from 39.

8:18 pm: After a short load to start, Nick Chubb rushed straight into the middle for 13-yard gains and would have broken for more had he not been tripped over at Cleveland 39.

8:17 pm: The Cleveland attack will begin at 25 after touching the ball to start the game.

8:10 pm: Brown took the field against the Steelers ahead of this pivotal early season rivalry.

What time is the NFL game tonight?

  • Date: Thursday, September 22
  • time: 8:15 PM ET

The Steelers and Browns will start at 8:15 p.m. EST from First Energy Stadium in Cleveland.

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Where to watch Steelers vs Browns

  • Live broadcast: Amazon Prime

The match between the Steelers and the Browns will take place exclusively on Amazon Prime. Last Thursday, the Chargers and Chiefs played the opening show of “Friday Night Football” on Amazon Prime.

Michaels will call the play-by-game and ESPN College football analyst Kirk Herbstreet will provide the analysis. Kylie Hartung will be the fringe reporter.

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Why is Friday Night Football showing up on Amazon Prime?

This is the first year that “Friday Night Football” will be shown on Amazon after years of moving from one network to another.

Prior to the 2017 season, Amazon acquired non-exclusive broadcast rights to several “Friday Night Football” matches during the season. In March 2021, it officially acquired the rights to be the exclusive home of the primetime series for $1 billion a year.

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The deal was initially scheduled to begin in 2023, but Fox terminated its deal with the NFL a year ago, paving the way for Amazon to exclusively transfer games starting in 2022. The streaming giant will be the exclusive home until 2033.

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