[Intro: Stormzy & Abigail Owuo]
(I’m not going for economics, anyway)
Jheeze, ay, hahahahaha
Yes, mummy
(I claim that man)
demand it, amen
(I demand it)
Claim it, haha
(I said, ‘I’m not going into economics -, into economics’)
yes right why
(Storm is my son)
prab, prab
I’ve been the goat for so long I guess it’s not exciting when I win
Boho, someone is holding a violin
Every time I try a tune, I top packages like Hayley when he sings
So of course, they don’t like me, I’m the king
Ok tell me why ah why do I respond to it?
Leave it hanging like Keri On the edge, majesty
Where do I start? I wear 5990 in the gym
I have a thing for shiny little things
What can I say? I’m like a young black Biden with a trim (Wu)
Presidential when I ride in Beams
Taking pictures with my photographer, I’m shining in my skin
For eight characters I’m Aubameyang, I go and sign ting
Aight, I never wonder what I could have been, ‘Kah I’m here
Rose gold frosted or ceramic
Tell his brothers to spin it so he can stretch it
We’re not the same, Big Mike is from a completely different team.
Top of the boxes, what a fixed piece, toss it into the net
Jet Li could kick him to bleed
And I live rent-free in their heads
What is this quote? Oh, kill them successfully
Speaking of smoke, please, give it all –
I’m still dripping in ingenuity (God damn!)
Oh man I have numbers and flow I’m a different kind of F
I got Lambo and a Rolls, that’s a different kind of check
And I said I was the goat, and they didn’t listen when–, yeah
Anytime I have a big fling, just ignore me
Niggas want to hear from both sides of the story
nigga want to hear nigga Chatting like a moray
Damn it, negas better bask in my glory
They call me to skate through the store ‘cah I’m so plaid
To be fair, we don’t go here
We don’t tell lies
I think the kids call it “La Cabin.”
The boys are rough but the satin flows
I J Hus’tle and I MoStackGee, they want to ‘catch up with me on the roads you lack’
You better pray that it doesn’t happen (Negas)
And I don’t sell drugs, I’m still dope
Get all the hard chocolate style with the book
To be fair, I don’t feel like Twitter
Getting told I’m not a real spit by some broken ass bill divider
Listen, nigga, you have a bigger fish to fry, like
If you see your girlfriend in Dubai, Lord
Celebrate on the boat she was on and the Birkin bag is a bag you can’t afford, and you want one
Perform calculations that were not correct
It’s okay son, we’ll get it back before the nights are over
I wrote one, light one, eight out of ten
It’s my age, think of a hit and then write one
when i see one
This is my flow, this rich flow, it is a narrow flow
If she’s beautiful, I’m putting her on a trip
I put her on a plane if he waits for her pussy –
Listen, my nephews are listening, it must be a Michelin chef
There are guests in my kitchen and my left wrist is shining
Melodies are played from the filming site to the christening
They’re pissed off on the net because I said I wasn’t listening
Oh, real niggas know all about locations
Real niggas I know I’m not the victim
Well, I’ll take the L, they squeeze the gram
They say their jokes are an insult to a man
I feed my family, they bite my hand
I do more than others, I’m flying to Cannes to see a movieThen good bye
Read headlines and leads like it’s easy
Funny when they talk about the game that needs me
Niggas want to hear a nigga spill everything to Zeze
Damn it, nigger you don’t know I’m full
It’s easy, man who speaks shit until he sees me
Believe me, all you niggas give me (Hippie Gibbs)
A word to Lauren, I’m going to die on this hill

You two little nigga characters are shy of my deal
Someone pass me the bill (OK, I got it)
What my eyes do not see, Christ reveals
If everything remains, give Jaycia my will
“Kah I guess I’m just Breda who’s dying to be killed, ah (woo)
Your children are angry at the dark, I still shine like a grill
Yes, I’m healthy and I’m lucky but I rhyme like I’m sick
Bagger’s line, holding the thread like Khalil, oh oh oh)
I live a life they are trying to achieve
So they hate my name but they like my skills
And before I touch the stage, I must “wire” a mile, ah
niggas my pits that were before digging
If you see me with my dragons looking fly in the field
I know Khaleesi can’t understand all the fire I’m pouring, nah
You old washed niggas should retire, real
There is a time when you must move, and there is a time when you must stay
There is a time to destroy and a time to rebuild
But all I see is godparents washing and podcasting
I own all masters, I have no masters
I’m having a party on the yacht and I’m wearing the main yacht
They think I’m just above the chart, but I prefer Pact
Forgive like me I’m Scott Parker
From the time the mandam used to rock a jacket
I’m evil, but I’m not Marcus
Genius, I could have scored Harvard
Slide niggas but they’re not dancers
Dead rappers want to switch chargers
No, I mean they want to exchange situations
No, I mean they want trade places
Get to scrappin ‘like I ain’t Tom
Are you broken like Dwain Chambers
Follow the fashion, man, you are a fake bone
To make a classic, yes, it takes a long time
But I still do it like my buddy David
Nah, I mean like my brother Dave
Me and MIST, this is a fine shave
They fear this but they won’t say, I’m the closest on a cold day
They love to talk about the old days
They are old people like, “Annie, are you okay?”
I’d rather not talk like I’m Jose
(I’d really rather not talk, if I did I’m in big trouble(Wu)

This is what I meant when I said what I said
I have whips on my journey, beautiful women in my bed
My appreciation is greater than my head
Stylo told me, “Kill them until they die.”
(kly’dem ah holding one in his head, don dada, kicked in the face with a bank robber)
If it was a ting, I would style it like Trev, ay
Dude I got ‘tec’s like I’m Kylian, punch like I’m Dillian
I walk into the gym and bump into william
Yes, an S on the chest, yes, this symbolizes “success”
But the letter M on my hair represents millions
Ah, you’ve got a great car
I have a great team, they want to bring my past because I’m living my dream
What we achieved was not a shock because we knew it
We took clean steps and said, “Mel made me do it“, Uh
Now there is not enough space in my closet
Benjart is attached to my waist and torso
Niggas still think of me as a leader, oh you think so?
Chatti Patti nigga, man, you niggas need a talk show
I’ve never seen real lovers turn into baggy women
Real good sleep, new sheets, new linens
If we play a game called “Guess who wins?”
Then you open the door, I’ll be in the room feeling comfortable
There will never be a time where you and I are twins
why? A different case, my chicks are the worst
You know the Chanel bags, the flights to Paris
And if your children are king, bits are short
Well, three of the O2 I’m selling, man, I’m a scam
He might have sex with Adele and take her out
Phillips and I don’t talk like we’re caught
Ah, get out of hell, all the bullshit I have to divulge
please allow me
Every time I put a double plate, they go and double the P
I used to post double mic, now I cover iD
I won’t cover you up if I cover –
Ah, I knew they wouldn’t like it if I puffed
You got all your niggas rocking but you hide it at the bottom
I’m from the city where they ride with the pole
And now my nephews can’t believe that Spider-Man is my brother
Tom cried, this is my man, upstairs until we die
Yes, I travel the world, jump to Dubai
There is a lot to divide but God will provide
I can’t get where I’m going if I jump in –
I’ve got TJ telling me we’re done
I said, “I thought I had an hour left?”
Ah, man, my enemies have run out of breath
I pray, then I fast, then I press the counter
I spent a week in sticks, but tonight I’m at my southern address
Ah, you know how to get
Holy Spirit, so blessed am I
Aight, 20 Bags for my shower head, nigga gotta ‘shower fresh
You little boys from the bottom of your heart
I know I got Ashford in the yard and Yanny on the cover
I mean I’m Yanni in rap
I’m the best at what I do, they think I’m bragging on the track
But I’m reviewing this is true, and if I go and put it back again
You knew I left you the truth
Because cars don’t make you light up like that
Money doesn’t make you that good
Plaques don’t make you feel that cold
Give a fuck what sold my shit
I buss a rhyme when I’m in flip mode, you pricks know. I sing a rhyme when I’m in face mode, you know
The boy’s way is so cute so you always see my music on the shelf
I’ve been the goat for so long that they never grow old
So I guess I should do it myself, boy

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